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Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner on the 30-year celebration of the Venture Capital Club München

Aigner: “Bavaria's advancement to the top location for business founders is not possible without private venture capital”

MUNICH Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, is convinced that private venture capital is an important element for the further development of Bavaria as a start-up location. On the occasion of the 30-year celebration of the Venture Capital Clubs München, Aigner stresses: “My aim is to further reinforce Bavaria's position as a first-rate location for entrepreneurs. In addition to conventional financing instruments provided by banks and funding institutions, we require dedicated venture capitalists that are willing to give young companies with innovative ideas a chance. The Venture Capital Club München has been uniting partners within the venture capital sector for years and is therefore an invaluable asset in the start-up network in Bavaria.”
The Venture Capital Club München, founded 30 years ago, aspires to improve the provision of venture capital for Bavarian companies. As part of its 'Stammtisch' (regulars' gatherings), held every six weeks in Munich, representatives from start-up companies, potential investors such as venture capital companies as well as “business angels” and advisers have the opportunity to engage in intensive, professional discussions. During the encounter, speeches that draw on practical expertise are given with regards to the venture capital sector. The Venture Capital Club focuses its efforts neither on capital procurement, nor capital allocation.
The Bavarian economy boasts the highest level of funding targeted at assisting business founders in comparison to all other German federal states. The 'Gründerland Bayern' initiative promoted by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs seeks to improve the financing conditions for high-tech start-ups in Bavaria in a targeted way. Starts-ups, which find themselves in a critical phase of growth, are supported in a targeted manner through the newly developed growth fund and a new fund generation amounting to EUR 85 million from Bayern Kapital. At the same time, the mutual venture capital fund of LfA Förderbank-Bayern and the European Investment Fund will still remain in place. For every euro the LfA invests, the EIF will invest five euros in Bavarian start-ups.

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