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An additional billion for electromobility

Aigner: “Promoting electromobility is the right decision – Bavaria is setting an example” "

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MUNICH/BERLIN   Ilse Aigner, Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs welcomes the German federal government's agreement on an additional promotion for electromobility. Aigner: “Promoting electromobility is a question of economic and environmental rationality. It is great that the federal government is now implementing Bavaria's stipulations from January.“
According to Aigner, this is the only way in which the goal of one million electric vehicles in Germany by 2020 can be reached. Aigner adds: “Investments in electromobility pay off: They can help the electric car reach its German and international break through and they strengthen the competitiveness of our automotive sector, thus ensuring jobs. They promote climate protection and thus contribute to a better future.”
The Minister of Economic Affairs had already initiated a Bavarian initiative for promoting electromobility at the beginning of the year and come to an agreement with Bavarian automobile manufacturers, which anticipated the agreement on a national level.
That resolution also included a Bavarian participation in the government-state program says Aigner. The Minister holds on to the ambitious goals set in January for the battery charging infrastructure: “Bavaria is to be the exemplary state for electromobility, which is why we will build 7,000 public charging stations until 2020.” She would evaluate whether the state needs to take actions in addition to the government-state program.

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