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Ministry of Economic Affairs supports new INAM research institute in Forchheim

Aiwanger: The INAM will be a beacon for the research location Forchheim and the region

MUNICH/FORCHHEIM The research location Forchheim is to be further strengthened and expanded with the Innovation Institute for Nanotechnology and Correlative Microscopy (INAM). Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger, wants to make the establishment of the institute possible with substantial start-up funding of up to 5 million euros: “The INAM should open up completely new fields of research in artificial intelligence. I am therefore personally committed to providing strong financial support as part of the negotiations on the supplementary budget,” said Aiwanger.
The INAM is intended to advance basic research in the field of imaging and tomographic electron, ion and X-ray microscopy, to test the concrete application in interdisciplinary research collaborations and to offer research services for SMEs and industrial partners. By generating and intelligently linking extraordinarily large amounts of data (Big Data), a large number of AI-supported applications will be investigated.
“This research approach by INAM fits perfectly with our High Tech Agenda (HTA), which places special emphasis on the development of artificial intelligence. In the next four years, we will be investing 600 million euros in HTA for artificial intelligence and SuperTech alone. In the outstanding innovation location Forchheim, the INAM will find a tailor-made environment embedded in the ecosystem of the top Medical Valley of the European Nuremberg Metropolitan Region cluster. The INAM would fit ideally into the existing research landscape and make a significant contribution to strengthening the high-tech Nuremberg metropolitan region location,” continued Aiwanger.

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Press number: 22/20