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Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, the new head of Invest in Bavaria

Pschierer: "Excellent specialist for Bavaria's settlement policy"

Bavaria's Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Pschierer on Bavaria as an aerospace location

Pschierer: "Bavaria is impressing the world with aerospace technology"

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation selects Munich for its Quality Assurance Department for Europe

Johann Niggl: “Welcome in Bavaria – one of the leading aerospace regions worldwide“

AdServerPub, the French real-time advertising specialist, starts its business activities in Munich

Niggl: "Excellent E-commerce opportunities in Bavaria: an innovative online marketing company finds its way to the Free State"

Bavaria expands its presence in the future market of China

Zeil: "We want to make the best use of business opportunities for Bavaria"

New aerospace company Greenspider GmbH starts operations in Nuremberg

Niggl: “I am pleased to introduce Greenspider as a new member in the Bavarian aerospace sector."

French HCM consultancy and software developer NeoSpheres opens its branch in Munich

Niggl: "Talent management – French HR expertise for our state"

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