Press releases

Thursday, 13. October 2016

Decision reached in national-wide competition of non-university research funding

Aigner: “A new Helmholtz Institute for Würzburg. The state government supports this development with EUR 46 million.”
Wednesday, 05. October 2016

Opening of the new logistics centre of JYSK Holding / Dänisches Bettenlager in Kammlach in the Unterallgäu region with around 100 new jobs

Pschierer: “Due to its excellent transport connections, Swabia is developing ever more into a successful location for logistics”
Tuesday, 04. October 2016

Interactive competence map of Bavarian regions activated

Aigner: “An outstanding instrument which showcases the full range of excellent regional competencies and the innovative strength of Bavaria”.
Wednesday, 28. September 2016

Multimillion funding commitment for Munich-based high-tech start-up tacterion provided by the Unger consortium in Weiden

Aigner: “The Unger consortium's commitment is a positive signal for investments in Bavarian start-ups.”
Monday, 29. August 2016

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, and Emilia Müller, Minister of Employment on the 'Integration durch Ausbildung und Arbeit' initiative.

Aigner / Müller: “The initiative is an incredible success story; we have already been able to integrate 24,000 refugees in apprenticeships and in the workforce”

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