Press releases

Tuesday, 04. October 2016

Interactive competence map of Bavarian regions activated

Aigner: “An outstanding instrument which showcases the full range of excellent regional competencies and the innovative strength of Bavaria”.
Wednesday, 28. September 2016

Multimillion funding commitment for Munich-based high-tech start-up tacterion provided by the Unger consortium in Weiden

Aigner: “The Unger consortium's commitment is a positive signal for investments in Bavarian start-ups.”
Monday, 29. August 2016

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, and Emilia Müller, Minister of Employment on the 'Integration durch Ausbildung und Arbeit' initiative.

Aigner / Müller: “The initiative is an incredible success story; we have already been able to integrate 24,000 refugees in apprenticeships and in the workforce”
Friday, 29. July 2016

Trivium eSolutions acquires akm software Beratung und Entwicklung GmbH

Indian software developer expands in Bavaria
Tuesday, 26. July 2016

Bavaria based Enit GmbH agreed a Joint Venture with Invilogic Software Private Limited from India

Hübschle: Indian expertise contributes to Industry 4.0 solutions for Bavaria

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