Interactive Competency Map for Bavaria with Commercial sites

The interactive map highlights the regional competencies of each Bavarian region. With just one click you can see the individual sector focus and cooperation options for your business. And you can look for suitable commercial space for project development quickly and easily at the same time. 

Doing business in Bavaria is the right step on your journey, because it's not just a good place to work, but a great place to live, too. There is much to be discovered with help from the interactive competency map.

This menu item will show you immediately where an especially large number of companies from your sector are located. By clicking further down the menu structure, you can have each company plus address and short profile displayed. The company information is based on the Key to Bavaria, a database which helps in the search for cooperation partners in Bavaria. 32,000 companies are currently stored and the database is growing all the time. Every Bavarian-based company can register for free in Key to Bavaria.

Education & Research

Clusters and other sector networks which are relevant for your company are displayed here. At the same time, you can obtain an overview which universities and universities of applied sciences with their respective disciplines exist and which other research institutions are represented.


Has Bavaria impressed you so much that you and your entire family want to relocate here? The “Schools” category makes it possible for you find the education facility best suited for your children. Perhaps an international school suits your fancy?

The “Regions” menu item allows you to familiarise yourself with the administrative districts. An administrative region is somewhat similar to a Département in France. There are a total of seven administrative regions in Bavaria: Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Swabia, Upper Palatinate, Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia and Upper Franconia. Additional clicks in the menu provide you with performance data, such as GDP, for every city and every district.

Thanks to the map, you can learn more about the on-site infrastructure no matter where you are. Where is the closest international airport? Where can I find other connections for air and high-speed rail travel (ICE)?

Commercial space & Real estate
The map displays commercial space and real estate properties which are particularly suited for project development. Along with every hit, you are provided with location data such as the size of the available space or the utilization classification, for example in commercial zones or industrial zones. All the available information has been prepared in such a way that all you need to do is print it out. Should an extensive synopsis be available, it is also stored here. Other commercial space can also be found at SISBY.

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  • You'll find detailed information on every property under the tab with the pin. Switching to the “Topics” tab always returns you to the superordinate selection.

  • You can have a variety of maps displayed and you can switch between street, aerial and terrain maps.

  • The integrated route planner allows calculating the distance between two locations.

Great care was used in preparing the data; however, we do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the display.

The information on the regional distribution of the companies is based on the "Key Technologies in Bavaria" database, which helps in finding cooperation partners in Bavaria. The entry is strictly voluntary and available to all companies in Bavaria. In the context of our map this means that the representation does not claim to be complete. At the moment, there are around 25,000 registered companies and the database is continually growing.

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