Munich Jun 14, 2023

GSA 2023 European Executive Forum

Join more than 250 semiconductor senior executives in Munich – a major centre of art, advanced technologies, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism in Germany and Europe.

How can the world and our industry navigate the confounding uncertainties generated by the “Polycrisis”: an unparalleled list of simultaneous, self-reinforcing, world shattering shocks? We are facing a hostile geopolitical situation, tech wars and economic decoupling, real wars, inflation and recession, not to mention the effects of a global warming crisis threatening our species very existence.

Has collaboration among economic blocks become unthinkable? If it has, what is the hope of achieving truly global goals, an essential condition to untangle the causes of the “polycrisis”?

Beside overarching geopolitical issues, at the European Executive Forum we will cover industry-specific topics including:
• Next Generation Connectivity (5G, 6G, mm Wave, WiFi, RF, wired, …)
• Open Source Silicon (including RISC-V)
• Chiplets and Heterogeneous Integration
• Automotive
• … and more

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