Hof04.12.2019 Hofer SpacedayThe increasing digitization of the world and the ongoing quest for deciphering the great secrets of our universe are steadily increasing the number of space missions. What opportunities and possibilities does this development offer?

Hundreds of satellites are already orbiting our planet, providing us with weather information, our location, and enabling us to make wireless phone calls and access the Internet.

What materials are all these rockets, satellites and spaceshuttles actually made from? What opportunities are emerging from this increasingly important industrial sector for SMEs? How can traditional techniques be used for high-tech applications and what are the opportunities in the space industry? How can you participate in these innovations and market development?

A chance to discuss these issues is available on the

1. Hofer SpaceDay

New technical requirements do not only entail a wide range of challenges but also open up great potential for new markets and technologies.

The focus of discussion on this day will be on the following topics:

- Materials for space applications
- Textile in aerospace
- Microsatellites
- Funding opportunities for space projects and thematic priorities

Further information can be found here.

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