Bayreuth 09.10.2017 - 12.10.2017 SPE FOAMS 2017 Conference, Tutorial and Exhibition 15th International Conference on Advances in Foam Materials & Technology

This year's SPE FOAMS will take place in Bayreuth from 9th to 12th of October this year. In addition to the conference with contributions from science and industry, there will be a tutorial on the topic of polymer foams. Especially the 2-day tutorial at the beginning of the event gives new colleagues or technicians the opportunity to become experts in the field of polymer foams.

Topics of the tutorial are:

   - Foam Structures (Extrusion Foaming, Bead Foaming, Foam Injection Molding)
   - Foaming Agents
   - Bio-, nanocomposite- and multifunctional foams
   - Properties of cellular structures 

Topics of the conference are:

   - New developments of foaming materials, processing and applications in polymer foams
   - Micro- und nanocellular foams
   - Bio foams
   - Cross linked foams
   - Mechanical properties and modeling of cellular structures

More information about SPE Foams 2017 you will find here or contact the organisers directly.

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