The “Ois Easy” start-up package* Our start-up package includes everything you need for a good start in Bavaria. It is aimed at young companies from abroad who want to enter the German or European market from Bavaria.

“Ois Easy” – our programme for start-ups from abroad

Do you have an innovative, technology based start-up and are you planning to settle in Germany or Europe? We developed the “Ois Easy” start-up package* (Bavarian for a carefree business landing) together with our partner BayStartUP specifically for start-ups from abroad who want to open a new branch or a new office in Germany and establish themselves on the German market in the long term.

We want to make market entry as easy as possible for you with our “Ois Easy” start-up package*.

You do not enter into any commitments and it is free to join – for your start-up’s carefree business landing in Bavaria!

Summary of the “Ois Easy” start-up package*


Starting a company in another country is associated with quite a few challenges. Our partner BayStartUP assist you in preparing your business plan and pitch deck for the German market and makes sure you are well armed for talks with German investors and customers.

Free co-working

Everyone needs space for their ideas to be able to grow and thrive. We offer you free co-working space for three months at the start-up incubator in Bavaria best suited to your business idea.

Financing network

The BayStartUP network of investors is one of the largest in Germany and Europe with roughly 300 active business angels, 100 institutional investors and public funding providers. You get exclusive access to investors through the programme.

Active support

We are happy to assist you with official formalities, such as registering as a GmbH or with visa matters. As a result, you can concentrate fully on your business.

Founding a company

Bavaria has impressed you and you want to found a company. We assist you with all the steps from start-up to access to relevant experts.


It is particularly important in a new environment to be able to talk to like-minded people and colleagues. Get to know the local start-up network through the local start-up centres.

Application process
Do you think Germany is very bureaucratic and only lengthy applications count? Nothing of the sort! Your application is finished in just two steps:

1. Simply send your pitch deck to us by email. You should include information about your start-up’s financial situation here too.

2. And now simply fill in the questionnaire – finished!

All the documents and information that you provide the “Ois Easy” team from Invest in Bavaria and BayStartUp with during the application process are of course treated confidentially.

A summary of all the participation terms and conditions.

Choose your field of activity and discover the appropriate digital start-up centres for your business in Bavaria.

Mobility & Aerospace

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Bavaria offers ideal conditions for all companies addressing the mobility sector. With a large number of companies in the transport industry, start-ups and global players are revolutionising mobility.

Health, MedTech & Life Sciences

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Alongside global players, the Bavarian life sciences scene is characterised by small and medium sized enterprises. Their scientific prowess makes them leaders in Europe.


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In Bavaria, e-commerce has been experiencing a strong growth rate over the last years since many of the retailers moving sales online.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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In Thanks to the HighTech Agenda with an extensive investment, artificial intelligence plays a major role in many sectors in Bavaria, including health, mobility and manufacturing.

IoT & Industry 4.0

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Bavaria has a strong manufacturing heritage, and new technologies like robotics, additive manufacturing and automation are revolutionizing the industry.

IT & Cybersecurity

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With data at the core of many new business models, IT security is of paramount importance. Here Bavaria can boast an ecosystem with a unique blend of know-how, talent, R&D, industry and start-ups.

Fin & Insurtech

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Bavaria is home to many major insurance companies. Therefore, it attracts many new start-ups, which are collaborating with big players to build new insurtech products.

Gaming / XR

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Bavaria is the ideal location for start-ups in the gaming industry, with unmatched technical infrastructure, the diverse range of companies and well-trained talents.

All at a glance

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Bavaria is at the forefront of Cross Industry Innovation with a lively start-up culture. It’s dotted by digital start-up centres – you’ll easily find the right one for your industry.

Local partners: The local start-up centres

Discover two of our “Ois Easy” partners to get an idea of how you and your start-up can benefit from this unique programme.

Welcome to TechBase Regensburg.

Welcome to ZDI Mainfranken, Würzburg.

Strategic partners




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