#bytevaria talk – Episode 2

Industry 4.0 – the German government coined this keyword to describe the fourth industrial revolution in Germany. It offers unparalleled potential, in particular for digital start-ups. But what exactly does the claim entail? And what are the benefits resulting from the advancing digitization – both for consumers and companies? In the current episode of #bytevaria talk, Dr. Carlos Härtel, former CEO of GE in Germany and Austria, explains how companies can benefit from numerous advantages when settling in Bavaria and how they can easily master the challenges thanks to excellent conditions.

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Download the full infographic here All information on Industry 4.0 in Bavaria at a glance Download now
About our discussion partner Dr. Carlos Härtel Dr. Carlos Härtel is CEO of GE in Germany and Austria and head of GE's European research centre in Garching, where he started his career as the head of the laboratory for alternative energies and environmental technology. Furthermore, he has managed the successful integration of BLS Energieplan in Berlin, an engineering company with a focus on power plant engineering and building technology, since 2013. Earlier in his career, Härtel worked at Alstom in Switzerland as a scientist and manager for three years, initially in gas turbine development and later in the service business for power plants.
About Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, who has a doctorate in Law, is the head of Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria. Previously, he served as the representative of the State of Bavaria in New York and was responsible for handling the acquisition of American companies, among other things. In addition, he headed the department for regional business promotion, the European Territorial Cooperation INTERREG A, in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Hübschle collected insights into the local aspects of business promotion as the head of business promotion for the city of Augsburg, where he worked from 2002 to 2005.

#bytevaria talk – Episode 2

The former CEO of GE in Germany and Austria, Dr. Carlos Härtel, and the head of Invest in Bavaria, Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, discuss what Industry 4.0 means in Bavaria and how digital start-up companies in particular can benefit from the technical developments, expertise and outstanding infrastructure available at the location.

#bytevaria talk – Episode 3

The world of finance is changing. Young FinTech start-ups are challenging present payment practices and turning the banking business upside down. In a discussion with Erik Podzuweit, founder and Co-CEO of Scalable Capital, Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle will address the question of how young Bavarian entrepreneurs manage to find qualified young talents, benefit from the connection to international financial centres and succeed in tapping the potential of local digital know-how.

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