IT Security in numbers In 2016, around 1,500 cyber-attacks took place in Bavaria alone. In order to counteract the increasing financial loss, there is not only a diversified IT security ecosystem, but also the Bavaria Digital Master Plan, which has been approved by the Bavarian state government. In addition, innovative start-ups and established companies offer future-oriented solutions against cybercrime. Download Infographic

IT security: Integral part of digitalisation

Progressive digitising not only creates a constant demand for new and innovative technologies, but also offers the possibility of establishing new business models and processes. In particular, the developments in Industry 4.0 and numerous financial and insurance technology start-ups – to name just a few examples – are proving that above all data is becoming an increasingly important part of the new business models. And whoever wants to make the new processes fit for the future must show that they can also deal responsibly with the data. Because, as the frequency of cyber attacks shows, this data is certainly desired by unauthorised parties. This is why, from 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU will also require precisely regulated handling of the new assets.

Bavarian politicians know how important it is to protect sensitive company and customer data, and is thus supporting numerous start-ups, SMEs, and global players based here, by means of numerous initiatives. One of the latest efforts is the adoption of an investment programme for the digital future: Bayern Digital II, in which the subject of cyber security forms a central element. The aim of the measures is to establish Bavaria as a European bastion of IT security. To achieve this, the state’s own centres for IT security are to be strengthened, the operators of critical infrastructures are to be supported, and research is to be further expanded, among other measures.

Prevention is better than cure: Support starting in the prevention phase

In order to prevent IT attacks from happening in the first place, support from the Free State starts with comprehensive prevention. The themed platform Cybersecurity of the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern networks together e.g. companies from all industries, research institutions and the public authorities. The main focuses here are above all key fields of digitisation, such as Mobility, IoT, Cloud, Smart Data and Industry 4.0. Important research institutions in the field of IT security are the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) or the cyber cluster CODE related to the University of the German Federal Armed Forces. The security network Sicherheitsnetzwerk München and the Bavarian IT security cluster ensure regular exchange of expertise in the industry and targeted initiation of collaborations and discussions. Since recently, Munich Airport has also been offering an ultramodern test and exercise environment in the form of the Information Security Hub (ISH). Companies, authorities, and other institutions can here train security experts for their organisation and thoroughly test technologies and processes together.

The concentration of expertise from research and teaching, industry, the start-up scene and global players in Bavaria creates a unique eco-system for IT security and offers ideal conditions for cooperation and the knowledge transfer between the various players. The overall package is completed by the Bavarian cyber security strategy and the Central Contact Point for Cyber Crime (ZAC) and the Bavarian Cyber Alliance Centre (CAZ). Germany’s new Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector (ZITiS)  has also recently been established in Munich. In addition, Bavaria is to receive its own agency for IT security in Nuremberg and to employ around 200 IT experts there by 2025.

Exchange between industries at IT events

In the Free State, events are regularly organised events on the subject of IT safety, in order to ensure a constant exchange of expert knowledge. At the annual Munich Cyber Security Conference (MCSC) the focus is upon communication between decision makers from business, research and politics. The Tech Days Munich offer a lively platform for start-ups, scientists, business and industry. At the interactive conference Command Control one can find opportunities for networking and training workshops, as well as lectures. This year, the it-sa, Europe’s biggest trade fair for IT security and a unique platform for IT security personnel, developers and providers of products and services, will once again be opening its doors for interested visitors in Nuremberg.

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3 billion euros being invested by Bayern Digital II in Bavaria’s digital future

With the investment programme Bayern Digital II, three billion euros are being invested for activities in important future fields. This also includes the field IT of security. The focus here is on the prevention and combating of cyber crime and research for comprehensive IT security.

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