Airport Apr 08, 2015

Walloon Waffles and Bavarian Beer: New direct flight connection Liège-Munich

Belgium and Bavaria are coming closer together: The British airline bmi regional is now offering the first daily flight connection between Liège and Munich.

With its architecture, cultural venues, parks and shops, Munich is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in. The consulting firm Mercer recently published its Quality of Living Survey,which takes a look at the quality of living in 230 countries around the world. According to the survey, Munich is the city with the best quality of living in Germany in 2015 and ranks fourth in an international comparison behind Vienna, Zurich and Auckland. At the same time, the city is one of the most important German business centres with numerous multinational companies and international events. Visitors from the Belgian region of Wallonia will be able to see for themselves, as there are now daily direct flights from Liège to Munich.

In addition to the unique attractiveness of the Bavarian capital, the wide variety of travel options represent a key advantage of the location. Munich Airport is one of the most important and most efficient hubs in Europe when it comes to the number of destinations and easy connections. The Bavarian air travel hub was honoured this year as Europe’s best airport for the eighth time; in a worldwide comparison, Munich comes in third behind Singapore and Seoul. The new direct connection opens nearly 200 new travel connections for passengers from Liège. Along with tourists, the economy also benefits tremendously from the fast direct connection between Liège as a city of industry and art and the economic metropolis of Munich. The quick and easy travel option makes it significantly easier for Bavarian and Belgian companies to develop new markets as well as establish and maintain contacts in the partner country. The flight connection Liège-Munich supplements the connection between Brussels and Munich, which operates at least 12 times during weekdays.

P.S.: On 31st March, the Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Region of Wallonia, Jean-Claude Marcourt, officially launched the new direct connection at Munich Airport, which now links the Walloon business centre of Liège and the Bavarian capital Munich. Rumour has it that real Belgian (Liège) waffles and Bavarian beer were served on the inaugural flight – shared indulgence makes ties even closer.



Flight schedule Liège to Munich
MTWTFS - 1155 - 1310 Liège - Munich- BM 1722
MTWTFS - 1625 - 1745 Liège - Munich - BM 1724

Flight schedule Munich to Liège
MTWTFS - 1010 - 1130 Munich - Liège- BM 1721
MTWTFS - 1415 - 1545 Munich - Liège - BM 1723

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