Japan Aug 15, 2016

Visiting the Siemens Smart Factory in Ansbach together with Japan Club München – Mitokai

The keyword “Industry 4.0” represents the “fourth industrial revolution” which drives forward the connection between persons, things and machines. As the nation who set this trend, Germany is seen as a role model for many other countries, including Japan.

As is the case for Germany, Japan is heavily reliant on modernising and optimising its production processes in order to prevail in global competition. With that in mind, Japanese companies, especially those who have already settled in Bavaria, show great interest in the topic of “Industry 4.0”.


But what exactly does “Industry 4.0” refer to? In October 2015, a business workshop was held in Bavaria for Japanese company representatives with Japanese journalist Toru Kumagai. The theoretical knowledge gained in this workshop was then put into practice on 12th July, 2016, when visiting the Siemens Smart Factory in Ansbach together with the Japan Club München - Mitokai (corporate member). The industrial controls factory of Siemens located in Amberg (Bavaria) is one of the world's most modern plants.


The Japanese participants gained valuable insights into the “factory of the future” and were highly impressed at how efficient, profitable and clean the Smart Factory was. Keywords such as “disaster management” and “quality assurance” turned out to be of the utmost interest to the Japanese entrepreneurs, since a country like Japan often faces natural disasters.

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