Study Jan 31, 2017

vbw study on company loyalty to a location: Top marks for Bavaria

About 96 % of Bavarian companies would make the decision to locate in Bavaria again. This was the outstanding result of the latest study conducted by the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) that surveyed nearly 1,000 companies located in Bavaria.

The high level of satisfaction of Bavarian companies, even surpassing last year's level, underlines Bavaria's superb quality as a business location. The surveyed companies regarded the location factors “supply reliability for electricity and raw materials”, “efficiency of local joint ventures and institutions” and “efficiency of local suppliers” as particularly positive. Bavaria's dense network of producers, suppliers, research institutes, service providers and institutions are all impressive. Here, regional cooperation partners are of outstanding significance in the companies’ value chain. They make a crucial contribution to the Bavarian economy's success.


The distinct loyalty to the region of the companies located here is a further recommendation for Bavaria as the top choice for investors from around the globe.


You can find the vbw study “Standort Bayern – Unternehmerperspektiven 2016” (Location Bavaria – Business Perspectives 2016, German only) here.

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