Plastics industry Sep 06, 2013

Upper Franconia en route to the future

Pioneering strategies for increased competitiveness between processing companies in Upper Franconia are the goal of the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia project.


Based on a scientific theoretical approach, the strengths and weaknesses of interested companies are determined, their opportunities and risks examined and possible ways for development demonstrated.

The Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia project focuses on the manufacturing industry with the sectors metal, plastics, glass/ceramics, furniture/wood processing and textiles in the administrative district of Upper Franconia. In order for these sectors to remain the economic flagships of the region, the second step of the project is to point out the sector-specific strategic options to the companies so they can equip themselves for new challenges early on, prepare for sector trends in a timely manner and initiate the development of new products. After all, these sectors are subject to swift changes. Products that are successful and common today, might not be needed any more tomorrow.

The Fraunhofer Process Innovation project group at the University of Bayreuth is responsible for the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia. The Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology chair and the Fraunhofer project group work together closely with the companies. The response to the offer is very positive and each company is analysed for one or two days. The project started in July 2011 and is designed to run 3.5 years; the analysis phase will conclude by the end of 2013. The Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology contributes around EUR 1.1 million of funding to the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia.

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