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The “Ois Easy” start-up package: for a smooth start in Bavaria

Bavaria offers the best conditions for companies to be successful in many ways: The location in the heart of Europe and a well-developed infrastructure ensure a high degree of mobility. Numerous research institutions as well as renowned universities produce a large number of well-trained workers. And last but not least, Bavaria boasts a high density of B2B companies from various sectors. Factors such as these attract young companies from abroad that want to gain a foothold in the German or European market. We offer technology-focused start-ups our Ois Easy start-up package to efficiently support them in setting up in Bavaria.

Support for entering the market in Bavaria

The Ois Easy start-up package was developed together with our partners BayStartUP and Gründerland Bayern. This offer of support is free of charge and is individually tailored. The package includes the following services:

  • Coaching: BayStartUP supports you in optimising your business plan and your pitch deck for the German market so you can successfully gain a foothold in Bavaria. This preparation is particularly important for foreign companies in Bavaria in order to be prepared for talks with German investors, partners and customers.
  • Financing network: A financial grant is often required for start-ups to be able to grow. Our partner BayStartUP offers exclusive access to a network of investors with roughly 300 business angels, 100 institutional investors and public funding providers.
  • Active support: Bureaucratic issues can be a deterrent, especially when expanding. We support you with the necessary formalities such as registering a limited liability company or applying for or renewing a visa so you can concentrate fully on your start-up.
  • Community: Start-ups in Bavaria benefit from lively exchange and cooperation with each other. As an entrepreneur in an unfamiliar environment, it is therefore a great advantage to network with like-minded people as soon as possible. We will introduce you to the local start-up networks and refer you to one of the 28 locations of the digital start-up centres in Bavaria.
  • Free co-working: An appropriate workplace is required to effectively implement new ideas and approaches. We offer you up to three months of free co-working in a start-up centre in Bavaria to suit your business model’s technology or industry focus.


Digital start-up centres throughout Bavaria

Munich is known as Germany’s technology stronghold because of the large number of research institutions and innovative companies. This is why many tech start-ups are drawn to the state capital – but favourable circumstances for setting up can be found throughout Bavaria. There are a variety of suitable digital start-up centres to match the activity and industry focus:

  • Mobility & Aerospace 
  • Health, MedTech & Life Sciences 
  • eCommerce 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • IoT & Industry 4.0
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Fin- & InsurTech
  • Gaming/XR

Almost all the digital start-up centres funded by the Free State of Bavaria, such as TechBase Regensburg and ZDI Mainfranken in Würzburg, are partners of our Ois Easy start-up package.

Building on successes – successful participants in the Ois Easy package

Bavaria has already produced several global players and offered aspiring young companies the necessary breeding ground for successful growth. The Ois Easy Package also made it easier for many start-ups to enter the German market – we would like to introduce you to five of the participants so far:


  • BlinkIN: The InsurTech company from India settled at the InsurTech Hub Munich im WERK1 with the support of the Ois Easy package and has been extremely successful ever since. BlinkIN provides a platform that enables video-based customer service from a distance, as well as automated consulting and corresponding solutions in future. More and more companies, such as Wilo or the ADAC are relying on support using remote technology.
  • No Isolation: To combat social loneliness, the IT company from Norway is developing technological solutions to engage isolated groups of people. The start-up, based at the Impact Hub in Munich registered a GmbH (limited liability company) at the beginning of the year.
  • Tiliter: Tiliter is a tech start-up from Australia whose technology uses artificial intelligence to recognise items without barcodes. The easy plug-and-play upgrade for existing cash registers makes the technology particularly attractive for a more efficient and environmentally friendly future in retail. The intention is to make the technology usable for other fields of application, for example in industry. With the help of the Ois Easy start-up package, the young company was able to settle in Munich and has already attracted new investors.
  • Zeus Scooters: he company, which originates from Ireland, develops and rents out innovative, extremely safe three-wheeled e-scooters. In November 2020, the Ois Easy participant opened a business and innovation hub at ZDI Würzburg. Zeus Scooters is researching and developing its scooters further and working on the associated app there. They are cooperating with other mobility companies, universities and colleges to increase micromobility in the city. The start-up’s business model is very successful and Zeus Scooters was recently able to collect an investment of over two million euros. There are plans to extend the range of services to other German cities and to expand into other countries. The number of employees in Würzburg is to be doubled from 15 to 30.

Has Bavaria aroused your interest as a location to enter the market? Then contact us and benefit from our service. Perhaps you will be an addition to the list of successful companies that have been able to gain a foothold in Bavaria and enter the German or European market with the help of our Ois Easy package.

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