Extension Dec 18, 2015

The haulier was just here

and delivered the package. Finally. The content is right off the test bed. However, the component did not withstand the test run without damages. It now has a hairline crack.

And now we are pressed for time. Naturally, the weak point needs to be reinforced. Now it is necessary to answer the following question: in what way and how much additional material is needed for designing the stub axles for the wheel suspension? At this point, the new R&D office from the Jilin Universal Machinery Co.in Garching proves its skills. The new European R&D Center is always busy in its function as a link between the production in China and the local OEM’s. But this new outpost has exactly been created for these kinds of scenarios. That is why the international team of developers – which will total 10 members in the future – is located in the north of Munich close to the large European OEM’s such as AUDI and BMW.
Based on the test protocol, the parameters must now be fine-tuned, the component modified, i.e. simply be made more stable without using too many raw materials. After successfully modifying the digital drawing and creating a new virtual model, it will be sent to China via glass fibre. There, in Changchun, in the Jinlin province, the Jilin Universal Machinery Co. has been producing car components for over 50 years. Before the digital design can become a real prototype, the Chinese colleagues have to master an additional interim step. After all, the tools required for manufacturing the new components have to be produced first. It is a comprehensive process until the modified prototype can prove itself on the test bed once again...
Invest in Bavaria extends a warm welcome to the Jilin Universal European R&D Center and its employees in Bavaria and wishes the team a good start and successful business.

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