China Oct 31, 2019

The BayChi Summit in the Year of the Earth Pig

Every year... Invest in Bavaria hosted the 5th BayChi Summit in Munich again on 17 October 2019. In cooperation with the state capital of Munich, the Chinese Consulate General in Munich and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany, Invest in Bavaria offers a platform for Chinese entrepreneurs in Bavaria to build networks and engage in dialogue.

The summit began in a relaxed atmosphere with a panel discussion that the partners Mr Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of Department for Labour and Economic Development in the state capital Munich, Mr Yonggui Pei, Economic Consul for the People's Republic of China in Munich, and Mr Wei Duan, Managing Director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany, took part in. The Bavarian and German location factors which are valued by Chinese companies when choosing a location were discussed from the perspectives of the local and federal authorities. The quality of the location was referred to in the first instance. The skilled workers in Bavaria are very well trained and the opportunity for companies to advance their research and development projects is very high. In addition, the excellent support provided to Chinese companies with their relocation in Bavaria by the reliable partner structure in Bavaria was again confirmed. Institutions such as the IHK, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany or the Chinazentrum Bayern not only ensure a good entrepreneurial start (through political and economic networking or the provision of office space) but also help with private and cultural integration in the new home.

The number of Chinese branches in Bavaria has been rising continuously for years. Chinese companies operate on the Bavarian market as successful customers, suppliers, cooperation partners and, above all, as employers – and the number is growing every year! In the meantime, more than 400 Chinese companies have opted for Bavaria as their location. You can find more information about the Chinese community in Bavaria in our diagram.

Newcomer Award

Again in 2019 the Newcomer Award was bestowed on two companies. The award distinguishes the most important new settlements from the Far East in Bavaria and has already gained national recognition. The prizes went to Catarc Europe Testing and Certification GmbH and Soundking Europe GmbH in the Year of the Earth Pig. Catarc, the largest car research centre in China, opened its first foreign branch in Munich in 2016. Now it has once again decided in favour of Upper Bavaria for its expansion. "Upper Bavaria is one of the most successful industrial locations in Germany. Upper Bavarian vehicle construction is extremely competitive by international comparison. Munich is also one of the most liveable places in the world," emphasised Mr Bin Zhao, Deputy General Manager of Catarc Europe. The entrepreneurs presented their projects and reported on their experiences in expanding into Europe in an interview with the head of Invest in Bavaria, Dr Wolfgang Hübschle.

The BayChi Summit has already become a tradition for Chinese companies in Bavaria. The event has been taking place with a varied supporting programme for five years now and is enjoying increasing popularity. More than 100 guests from the Chinese business community took part in the event for the first time in 2019. You can find photos in our media library.

Invest in Bavaria will continue this good tradition next year and bring Chinese companies together.

See you in the Year of the Rat! 

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