Award Jun 28, 2016

Start-up competitions: Bavarian start-ups headed for success

What do full beards and start-up companies have in common? Well, both are very popular at the moment.

To make sure that beards and entrepreneurial spirit grow and thrive to equal measure, there are not only start-ups offering beard grooming products (for example, but, more importantly, a wide array of start-up competitions. The online platform closely examined the competitions held in 2015 and published the results of their analysis here.


Some Bavarian patriots may feel their beards curling in excitement in light of the results – out of a total of 90 regional start-up competitions in Germany, 15 were oriented towards founders and companies located in Bavaria. Bavaria thus takes a leading position among the 16 federal states, offering the most competitions.


And as if that were not enough, the study also confirms the high innovative strength and extraordinary quality of Bavarian start-ups. Out of the six most successful German start-ups in 2015 (based on the number of start-up competitions won), two were based in Bavaria and one even ranked among the top 2.


Admittedly, the unofficial competition between the two start-up strongholds of Berlin and Bavaria has been going on for quite some time now. But it is also worth mentioning that Bavaria leads the field nationwide – including in the category of the top 50 most successful start-ups in 2015. The analysis shows that eleven of the top 50 companies are based in Bavaria, ten are from North Rhine-Westphalia and nine from Berlin-Brandenburg.