5 minutes with...@SXSW2017 Mar 09, 2017

Servus meets Howdy – Five minutes with… DEOXY Technologies, members of the Bavaria delegation at SXSW

Our second interview partner in the small special series of 5 minutes with... is the start-up DEOXY Technologies. Like numerous other Bavarian and international companies, they are travelling to Austin in Texas this year too to present, get to know and find out about the latest developments in the interactive, film and music industry at SXSW. We takled to Johannes B. Woehrstein, one of the three founders.

DEOXY Technologies is a spin-off from the LMU Entrepreneurship Center. The team develops a technology for genetic diagnoses with which the right medication for cancer treatment can be identified instantly nationwide.

You will be at SXSW for the first time. What are you most looking forward to?

That’s obvious: to the creative and intellectual stimulation.

Which programme item do you want to attend without fail or is there someone who you definitely want to meet?

SXSW is incredibly diverse with art and culture, music and film, technology and entrepreneurship. It’s precisely this diversity that brings exciting high-octane people together who we are looking forward to.


You’re allowed to present your company there too. How are you preparing for this?

The team led by Lisa Kohl from Invest in Bavaria has organised a packed programme with events and coaching sessions over the last few weeks. That’s really brilliant.

What are your objectives for SXSW? How should the conference take your company forwards?

SXSW is definitely the ideal place to expand our creative and intellectual network and connect with our existing partners on a deeper level.

SXSW is more like a convention for the creative industry. What are the opportunities there for a Life Sciences start-up like you?

Input, input, input. In the technology sector in particular, creative stimulation and radical new perspectives are essential to be able to play at the top of the league.



The other start-ups have also been interviewed by us and reported on their hopes and objectives for SXSW 2017. We started, for example, with ANTELOPE. Interested in what´s going on in Austin? Visit #bytevaria news.

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