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Search for talent: How to make it in Bavaria!

Are you looking for an IT professional for hybrid cloud infrastructures? An expert in global supply chain management? Or a manager with a specific industry or cultural background? In Bavaria, there are many ways of finding what you need – from job portals and recruitment agencies to do it yourself.

Today, top staff are in great demand in many countries. This makes it all the more important to use the right tools for searches and position your company clearly. Here are a few ways you can get ahead in the "battle" for talent.

Job portals: more than just standard procedure
Job portals like Stepstone, Monster, etc. are a popular tool for recruitment in Germany. The advantage for HR staff is that the majority of applicants these days search specifically online. Ensure that you describe the vacant position in your company very accurately. Potential employees want to know what to expect, what prospects are on offer and which city or region the position will be based. Is the position temporary or permanent? Tip: Take a look at similar job profiles from other companies first.

Recruitment agencies: specialized in specialists
Whether individual headhunters or classic recruitment agencies, recruitment service providers mostly focus their efforts on certain industries or senior level executives. Companies should therefore define their exact requirements in order to clarify which partner would be best for their search and who might already have valuable contacts in the industry. 

Lively exchange via expat communities
Those on the search for a Japanese cook or an Indian computer programmer should of course use expat communities and business networks. Place your request in a community – e.g. on the German business network Xing or a similar platform – or attend country related events in your city or region. Word of new opportunities spreads quickly among compatriots who are working or seeking employment abroad.

Employment agency, chambers of commerce, clusters and much more
The International Placement Service (ZAV) offered by the Federal Employment Agency is a central contact point for both HR staff and the nine Bavarian chambers of industry and commerce. Universities such as at the two elite universities LMU and TUM also offer job portals on their websites. Other points of contact for recruiting are the big Bavarian industry clusters, such as BAIKA for the automotive industry, the Medical Valley in Nuremburg and the sensor technology cluster in Regensburg. Many have set up their own platforms for applicants and companies on their web portals. Furthermore, the Bildungswerk der bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. (Bavarian industry's education organisation) provides recruitment support.

The careers promotion service of the German armed forces
The careers promotion service of the German armed forces (BFD) helps to integrate former soldiers into civilian working life and operates its own job portal, in which both companies and soldiers can conduct targeted job searches. 

Job culture in Bavaria
Employees give great value to continuity and security, along with good job prospects. In return, employers benefit from a high degree of loyalty from their employees. You can find more information on living and working in the state on the Work in Bavaria website.

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