International Jul 10, 2017

Sambaco – the samba festival in Coburg

What does the traditional State of Bavaria have in common with the exotic country of Brazil? At first glance, it might just be the same first letter “B”. However, we are a lot closer to the South Americans than most people are probably aware as Coburg has been organising the largest samba festival outside Brazil every year since 1992.

A bit of exotic culture in Bavaria

Things certainly hot up in Coburg on the second weekend in July every year. The International Samba Festival is taking place from 14 to 16 July in 2017 and celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. The festival has even scooped several awards over the last few years. It was presented with the “Bavarian Export Award” by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011 and the festival was given the “Best Samba Event outside Brazil” award in 2014. These awards don’t come from nowhere of course. Coburg does everything it conceivably can every year to conjure up as much Brazilian flair in the city as possible. 3,000 artists from all over the world are appearing on eleven stages in total that are spread in and around Coburg in this year alone. Besides the many show acts, there is of course a plentiful supply of delicious food and drink too. From Coburg’s sausages to Brazilian feijoada, there is quite a bit on offer for the 200,000 international visitors.

Join in the Brazilian lifestyle

Besides the music and cuisine, the audience also gets to know the Brazilian culture better in different ways. Anyone who fancies shaking their hips, can enter the “Pitú Rainha de Bateria 2017” dance competition in Coburg’s Kongresshaus or take part in various dance and Capoeira workshops. Besides all kinds of workshops, there is also a beauty contest at the festival where one lucky lady can even be crowned “Miss Coburg Cabana”. However, she’s not the only VIP at this year’s festival. Besides the current Samba Queen and King, the entire “first row” will be there with Princesses from the carnival in Rio. 


Accommodation and travel options

For those who want to attend this great spectacle around the clock there is a camp site where visitors can pitch their tents for a fee, as is usual at festivals. There is also parking available for caravans. A breakfast buffet can even be booked on site in the club restaurant for an extra charge. If there are visitors to the festival who still want to drive home later on after all this, there is a samba night express, which drives from Coburg as far as Sonneberg, Lichtenfels, Hildburghausen or Kronach for a small fare.

The fun, image & economic factor

Besides the huge fun factor, the festival is also a huge image and economic factor for Coburg. On the samba weekend alone, roughly 4.5 million euro flow into the city’s coffers, which hotels, dining establishments and exhibitors mainly profit from. But the festival profits above all from the rich culture and diversity that comes together on this weekend every year.

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