Anniversary Jun 15, 2015

Progress report published: Invest in Bavaria introduces itself

As a Business Promotion of the State of Bavaria, we have been supporting investors for 15 years, helping them turn their visions, ideas and projects into reality. We have now published our progress report to mark our anniversary year. We would like to provide you with some insight into how the agency works and show you what role our employees in Bavaria and around the world play in supporting our state.

Invest in Bavaria's success story began in 1999 and the result is quite impressive: our efforts since the company's inception have resulted in the creation of 38,000 new direct jobs in Bavaria. In addition to these direct jobs, almost twice as many jobs have been established within the scope of investment projects, for example at suppliers. A total of 1,350 investments projects, for which we have been providing assistance since 1999, have made this possible. This is a tremendous benefit for Bavaria and its inhabitants. We would like to present you with some of the most interesting projects from the past years in our progress report which is now available. 


The report documents how the focus of our work has evolved since Invest in Bavaria's inception. 15 years ago, the primary emphasis was on acquiring call centres and logistic specialists, whereas today the main focus is on the digital and IT sector in areas including industry 4.0 and medical technology. Those interested will find out why we as the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria have been specifically targeting the topic of digitalisation for some time now and what consequences this will have on the applied media and the corporate identity,which was revised in 2014, as well as answer the question of how a traditional Bavarian brewer developed the “greener” brewing process in a joint venture with a Canadian technology company. 


Regional and international

Another focus point of our activities involves working in the various Bavarian regions. This includes providing extensive support to existing customers and established companies in the region as well as forming a beneficial cooperation with districts, towns and cities in order to enhance their location marketing, for instance. In doing so, we not only contribute the expertise of our employees, but also our continuously growing network consisting of institutions, major players and clusters. These competencies are brought together to form “Team Bavaria” whose work is described in further detail in the progress report.


Our professional activities are distinguished by internationality and, for this reason, we know that intercultural competency is vital in order to attain long-term success. In our progress report you will find out how our employees from Japan, China, Russia, Belarus and, of course, Germany, represented the state of Bavaria at around 60 trade fairs around the world in 2014 alone and how they also maintained contacts and developed networks. Our tasks are challenging because Invest in Bavaria operates in an environment that is constantly evolving. Find out how we have approached these changes:


[Download progress report 2014] (only available in German)

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