Investor`s choice Aug 18, 2016

“Oohs and Aahs”

Specialist staff are crucial to a company's success. But the days when employees worked their whole lives at the same organisation are long gone – at least in Europe. Companies must put a great deal of effort into retaining personnel and getting them to pursue the company's visions with passion. One of the keywords to mention in this context is definitely “work-life balance” since the boundaries between personal and professional life are becoming increasingly blurred.

 Companies based in Bavaria were ranked as top employers according to the “Great Place to Work” benchmark study for the ICT sector presented at CeBIT. – with good reason. Employers who want to retain their personnel and encourage them to provide top performance must ensure a special working environment.

One-of-a-kind working environment to leverage well-being and creativity


The sense of well-being among a company's personnel is becoming more and more important. Google  inaugurated its new development centre at Hackerbrücke this year. The US-based company is known for its creativity when it comes to organising special events for its employees. The Munich site is also a place where employees enjoy a comfortable environment.

Two company restaurants offer freshly prepared food three times a day as well as a coffee corner with a barista. All those who prefer a healthier diet can choose freshly-squeezed orange juice; 2.5 tonnes of tropical fruits are prepared here for a total of 400 employees, so far, every month. Sports are an indispensable factor for being healthy and maintaining that health. That's why the company has a huge integrated fitness centre with a dedicated trainer. There is a music room equipped with guitars and keyboards for all the musicians. For employees, these services are provided free of charge. The design of the rooms includes comfortable seating and pictures made from real plants also invites people to lay back and relax. By creating such an environment, the company hopes to support their employees in being creative and to drive efficiency.

Of course, not every company can afford to create this kind of working environment, and it doesn't always have to be the perfect or most elaborate solution. Providing a fruit box once a week or beverages other than just coffee is a significant step in the right direction. We at Invest in Bavaria can definitely affirm that working in an attractive environment is more fun and – what's more – contributes to leaving a good impression with clients and business partners.

Do you know where the Invest in Bavaria office is located? The address is Prinzregentenstraße 22, which is directly in front of the river Eisbach in Munich, where surfers show off their skills on the board regardless of wind and weather. They can easily be seen from our building.

Passing the subterranean river at the reception area, our office is located on the second floor.

Ahhs and oohs! Invest in Bavaria sets new trends when it comes to interior design

Our office rooms are designed with a focus on high-tech and traditional highlights, which matches the spirit of our customers.

Investors have time to look around while they are waiting to be received, and there is a lot to be discovered! Some even take photos of the rooms.

A manager of a Japanese company based in Munich was so amazed by the Bavarian look of our offices that he came back with some colleagues and the necessary camera equipment a few days later to gather inspiration for his own offices.

The centrepiece is the employees' meeting point (“Call-in”) which is designed in the style of an alpine hut. 

We touch the investors' hearts at the latest when they see the panoramic picture of the Königsee lake – which will surely be reflected in the next blog entry that will hopefully tell of a successful new settlement. 

Our alpine hut is also used as a film set for the #bytevaria talks. With this format, our discussion partners provide interesting insights into the topic of settling in Bavaria. Take advantage of this offer and watch one of the videos!

The furnishings of the alpine hut were chosen by the employees themselves. Two marketing colleagues made a real creative effort here and this special task surely contributed to have fun and being satisfied at work.

As you can see, investing in your office can pay off in a variety of ways.

Have visiting our office piqued your interest? We look forward to seeing you at Invest in Bavaria. Welcome to Bavaria!

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