IoT Jan 05, 2018

Nokia opens a Digital Creativity Lab in Munich

At the end of 2017, Nokia announced the opening of a “Digital Creativity Lab” in Munich to get one step closer to the digital world of tomorrow. The lab is to drive forward cross-sector research projects and develop existing ecosystems.

The innovation lab’s main focuses


New technologies, products like apps and software platforms – they’re the main focuses that the technology company Nokia wants to address with its Digital Creativity Lab. Universities and research institutes are to have a say in the digital future there together with companies from various industries. The company wants to specifically focus on the topics IoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities in cooperation with car manufacturers and software developers, as well as local administration and universities. For example, 5G – the next generation of mobile communications – is on the agenda under the keyword Industry 4.0. Together with industrial companies and technology producers, research is to be done on solutions for a tactile Internet so that production machines can be controlled in real time in future. The lab is already working at full speed on research products in the car industry for networking vehicles. In future Nokia also wants to work together with the Munich Mobility Hub on mobility solutions for networked and semi-automated vehicles.


Close networking on location is the best prerequisite


Over the last few years, numerous IoT labs have already established themselves in Bavaria before Nokia and that’s not without good reason as the state is a European leader in the field of information and communications technology. As a result, the Digital Creativity Lab located in Munich also benefits from advantages such as networking with local industry, close links with research and development and a well-developed funding structure. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, knows that close ties between research and users is the best prerequisite for turning a good idea into an innovative product or ground-breaking service and calls the lab “another important building block in Bavaria becoming the number one in digitalisation”. Besides the Munich location, Nokia has also opened other innovation workshops, one of them in Nuremberg, to guarantee that specific industry expertise can be used effectively with stakeholders from the different local ecosystems.

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