Expansion Jul 14, 2015

Niederaichbach – an excellent location, but difficult for South Koreans to pronounce

Invest in Bavaria receives an inquiry from a major Korean automotive supplier, which is looking to expand its presence in Western Europe, specifically in Bavaria.

The company is looking for a site for its new plant in Lower Bavaria. Initial scale: 50,000m² property, 15,000m² production hall. It is necessary that it is situated in close proximity to the BMW site in Dingolfing.

This inquiry is followed by numerous site inspections in Lower Bavaria, including a spontaneous visit on the usually work-free Shrove Tuesday, but which was nonetheless organised and accompanied with full commitment by Bavaria's business promoter. During the visit, several greenfield sites will be inspected and introduced to the management board, and site information will be assessed and compared. This took place in early 2014.

30th June 2015
There are three reasons to celebrate: the sod-cutting ceremony, topping out ceremony and opening of the newly built plant. And one thing is clear: Mr. Myung-Ken Lee, Chairman of the South Korean SUNGWOO HITECH company has not only taken a particular liking to the infrastructure and location of the site, but also to the name of the local community: “Nidda-aik-bake” echoes frequently through the production hall.
And the joy is accompanied by general amazement: Here, where there was nothing but green pastures 18 months ago, is now the site for almost 12,000m² of the approximately 31,000m² of office and production facilities to be constructed. The robots along two production lines are already running in test mode to ensure the commencement of production with an initial number of 130 employees in autumn 2016. Presses, that work with up to 2,000 tons of pressure, will in future produce floor and rear panels for BMW. The vision of Harald Schneider, Managing Director of the newly founded WMU Bavaria GmbH, is “to be successful and grow together with BMW, and expand the plant to provide work for 300-400 employees by 2022.”

You missed it? Then see for yourself here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC1yinIEoxs
SUNGWOO HITECH was founded in South Korea in 1977and currently employs almost 12,000 people around the world. The company first ventured to Western Europe, and particularly to the German market, in 2012 when the South Korean pressing plant operator acquired the Germany company WMU (Weser-Metall-Umformtechnik), a just-in-time supplier of pressed, drawn and punched parts for the automotive industry. The logical consequence was the establishment of its own WMU Bavaria GmbH as a supplier for the local OEMs. Germany is now the eighth country with a SUNGWOO HITECH production site.

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