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Jogging in Bavaria: the regions’ running routes and landscapes inspire maximum motivation!

Jogging is one of the most popular sports among Germans, and not only in times of the coronavirus pandemic. The endurance sport gets people out in the fresh air, shapes the dream body and also strengthens our cardiovascular system. If the environment is also a treat for the eyes, we are instantly more motivated to jog! Which is why we’ve selected the most beautiful jogging routes in Bavaria and reveal to you which parts of the state you should definitely try out.

Jogging in the capital of Bavaria: Nymphenburg Park in Munich

When it comes to jogging in Bavaria, the state capital is of course right up there with the rest. Our favourite in Munich: Nymphenburg Park. The unbeatable mix of magnificent palace grounds and green idyll makes the park a jogger’s paradise. The palace gardens offer six kilometres of a variety-packed running route, including shady trees and gravel and forest paths that are gentle on the knees. At the beginning the route leads past the Palm House and the northern palace wall. It continues around the Great Cascade and finally towards Lake Badenburg. The park is dotted with small bridges where geese can often be found. The sections that pass by woods and clearings also usually allow you to catch a glimpse or two of deer, even in broad daylight. The classic park circuit also allows many shortcuts, so it can be adapted to suit the level of fitness.

Plattling’s characteristic flora and fauna: along the Isar in Lower Bavaria

In the district of Deggendorf near Plattling, the borough of Pielweichs offers an approximately five kilometre long running route in Bavaria, which promises a very special charm. The route begins with a short detour through a forest, then leads on a surface of pebbles past fields and meadows until you reach a weir with lock. Now the adventure of jogging in Bavaria really begins: from the weir with lock, the route now follows the Isar over small iron bridges and through the floodplain forest. In the spring and summer months, you will come across some fishermen on the banks while running and can enjoy the scent of the countless camomile blossoms and the wonderful buzzing of the bees. Joggers will find all kinds of animals from songbirds to wild geese and sheep to horses, almost everything is represented here. In addition to the fabulous flora and fauna, this route is also inviting for regular jogging thanks to the very flat paths and trails.

Jogging in the Upper Palatinate hiking paradise: Buchberg near Neumarkt

Buchberg near Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz attracts many hikers and nature lovers every year. But jogging fans also enjoy fantastic running here. The 600 metre high rocky mountain from the Jurassic period is covered with lush forest and numerous running paths. The first Berngau public fun run was already held here in 1987. In contrast to the old canal, the Buchweg offers pure nature instead of monotonous straights. If you want to squeeze in an extra workout to warm up, ride your bike up the mountain. Otherwise, the easily accessible car parks offer plenty of space for joggers from the city. The running routes are not only characterised by different altitudes, but the surface also varies between asphalt, forest floor and gravel. From beginners to experts, there is something here for every athlete who loves jogging in Bavaria.

Between vineyards and the banks of the river Main: Würzburg’s Main cycle path is not only a pleasure for cyclists

Würzburg, the capital of Lower Franconia, has some beautiful places to offer. There are also plenty of opportunities for joggers to let off steam. The Main-Radweg alone, which stretches for around 600 kilometres through Franconia and Hesse, should offer more than enough running distance. The view of the Main, the surrounding vineyards and the houses on the outskirts of the city are more than motivating. In addition, the banks of the river Main are a wonderful place to sunbathe, stretch and relax at the end of a workout. However, if the permanently flat plain is too boring for running in the long run, you can enjoy yourself in the Steinbach valley in a wooded and shady area with slight inclines. The numerous vineyard trails are another option for runners who love a challenge. Once you have conquered the first climbs, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape.

Variety in Middle Franconia: from Nuremberg Zoo, along the city wall to the Wöhrder See lake

DThe city of Nuremberg also has several options for jogging in Bavaria. For example, you can complete a circuit or two at a relaxed pace along the city wall or around Nuremberg Zoo. The numerous parks and green spaces are wonderful sanctuaries for the city’s residents and allow jogging fans to escape the bustling city’s exhaust fumes and noise. Accordingly, there are shady forest paths around the Wöhrder See lake and along the Pegnitz, which provide the necessary variety in terms of landscape, length and difficulty.

Magnificent views in Upper Franconia: jogging tracks with challenging altitudes in Grunau-Aichig

In Grunau-Aichig near Bayreuth, easy to difficult routes await beginners as well as experienced runners. Heading towards Magdalenenkirche church, through a small residential estate, you soon come to the Bühlersbach stream and are suddenly surrounded by the great outdoors. From here, you continue towards Meyernreuth, where you will see a fairytale-like sight: Grunau manor rises from the ground with a large, square tower. This running route in Bavaria continues with 44 metres elevation gain. It goes up a hill that offers a breathtaking view over the whole of Bayreuth, the Hohe Warte and the Siegesturm. Even beginners should not be deterred by the incline – the view is always worth the effort!  

Off to the water – Augsburg in Swabia invites you to run with a view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Swabian region should not be left out when looking at the most beautiful jogging routes in Bavaria. Augsburg, for example, offers the perfect balance between city and nature and offers many routes that combine both. Augsburg is strongly influenced by the element of water and this is also reflected in the landscape. Whether it’s water towers, canal landscapes or the more than 800-year-old water management system, which has also been officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2019, there is plenty to discover on the World Heritage city’s numerous running trails. Along the Wertach, the city wall or over the Siebentischwald to Hochablass – jogging in Bavaria has never been so varied.


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