Education Jun 05, 2014

International schools – a key advantage for a location

The business world has changed fundamentally. While in the past employees worked for one and the same employer in the same place for their entire working life, today they have to be willing to move around.

In an age in which companies expand, merge and act across international borders, employees, too, are becoming more and more mobile and international.

In addition to factors such as well-trained professionals, infrastructure and quality of life, international schools for the children of foreign employees are playing an increasingly important role in the competition between locations. Offering a successful international school therefore becomes an essential economic factor for regions that want to attract foreign capital as well as international specialist and managerial staff. The availability of international schools can motivate global players to establish themselves in a certain location, as it allows them to ensure that the children of their foreign professionals receive a demanding and intercultural education – regardless of the host country's requirements in terms of language and schools.

As a business location, Bavaria offers ideal conditions for foreign investors in education, too. Numerous international schools teach in English or the languages of other countries of origin, leading to internationally recognised qualifications. Global players can therefore make optimal use of the advantages Bavaria has to offer: both profitably for their company and attractively for their staff!

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