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IAA Mobility 2021 – Collaboration Reigns Supreme

IAA Mobility 2021, one of the largest, most modern mobility events in the world, was held in Munich in early September. The key issue was: What does the future of mobility look like? Attendees agreed: The sector is facing complex systemic change. Radical transformation requires a functioning innovation ecosystem and most of all: collaboration. True to this motto, many Bavarian companies announced exciting new partnerships at the show. Read on to get an overview of some of the most promising new agreements.

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From 7 to 12 September 2021, the world-famous IAA (International Motor Show) trade fair was held in Munich for the first time - with a new concept under the expanded name IAA Mobility. As mobility is reshaping itself, the event was no longer a pure car show, but a platform for the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future.

In the area of product development two notable new partnerships involving Bavarian companies were announced:

Schaeffler and Mobileye to Industrialise Self-Driving Shuttles
The Herzogenaurach based automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler and Intel’s Israeli subsidiary Mobileye, a provider of automated driving solutions, concluded a long-term cooperation agreement. Schaeffler’s drivetrain and chassis expertise perfectly complement Mobileye’s longstanding know-how in driver assistance and autonomous driving. The goal: to develop autonomous shuttles to series production.

Schaeffler’s Rolling Chassis is a modular platform for driverless mobility solutions for transporting people, goods or for special applications like mobile charging solutions or pop-up stores on wheels. For its part, the Mobileye Drive™ self-driving system is based on two core concepts: the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety model for safe decision-making and a perception system that combines cameras and radars/lidars.

Ballard to supply engines, Quantron the vehicle design
Canada’s Ballard Power Systems and Augsburg-based Quantron AG announced an important partnership on the first day of IAA Mobility 2021. Their goal: to develop hydrogen fuel cell electric truck platforms. Quantron will integrate Ballard’s latest generation FCmove heavy-duty fuel cell power modules into its electric truck platforms.

Initial deployment of fuel cell electric trucks is scheduled for the second half of 2022. In Europe, various government subsidies will be available to vehicle fleet operators. Germany recently committed to covering up to 80% of conversion costs from internal combustion engines to alternative drives through the e-mobility support programme.

The multimodal mobility sector also saw a lot of action:

Sixt, Mobileye and NIO to Offer Robotaxi Service
Starting next year, Munich based car rental company Sixt and Intel subsidiary Mobileye will offer a robotaxi service with self-driving vehicles. At the start of the trial, the cars will be self-driving cars at automation level 4, meaning the system will permanently take over driving operations. A driver will be present but will only intervene in exceptional cases. The concept is being implemented with a seven-seater vehicle from the Chinese manufacturer NIO, upgraded with Mobileye technology. This includes lidar sensors, numerous cameras for all-round vision and radar sensors behind the front and rear bumpers.

Brose and Bode Team Up for People Movers
Autonomous shuttles will play an important role in urban mobility scenarios of the future. Brose, one of the world’s leading automotive OEM’s based in the Franconian city of Coburg, has teamed up with Bode, a manufacturer of vehicle door systems, to engineer an access concept for people movers. It includes operating interfaces, obstacle detection and technology for the fully automatic opening and closing of vehicle doors.

Brose is also developing barrier-free access solutions and will introduce a concept for safe, comfortable standing and reclining in autonomous driving scenarios.

Mobility collaborations in Bavaria: it takes more than one industry.

In our panel discussion at MArienplatz during IAA Mobility 2021 we examined how cross-industry innovation is shaping a unique ecosystem for reinventing mobility in Bavaria.

In our panel discussion at MArienplatz during IAA Mobility 2021 we examined how cross-industry innovation is shaping a unique ecosystem for reinventing mobility in Bavaria.


Bavarian collaborations bringing together business, R&D and government also presented their projects at IAA Mobility:

Mobility Region Ingolstadt:
Industry, government and academic institutions have joined forces to make Ingolstadt a pilot city for the mobility technology of the future..

At IAA, the initiative presented itself as a “Reallabor” (real life lab), which supports various projects in the area of autonomous driving and urban air mobility through high-speed highway testing facilities, 5G technology, state-of-the-art sensors, intelligent traffic lights and autonomous parking.

Also present at the show: the start-up incubator brigkAir, which forms part of the Urban Air Mobility Initiative at the Testairport in Manching. This consists of a network of over 80 regional and supraregional players to provide a testing site for urban air mobility technology.

Finally, an important announcement was made just before the IAA, that will significantly contribute to shaping Bavaria’s future as a leading mobility cross-industry innovation hub:

Pfeffenhausen designated as Hydrogen Technology Centre
The Bavarian city of Pfeffenhausen has been chosen as one of four sites for the National Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Centre. The Bavarian consortium running the site is a diverse group, consisting of the companies Hynergy GmbH, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik, MR PLAN, TesTneT, TÜV SÜD, the universities Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and Technical University of Munich, and the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies research facility.

Learn more about cross-industry innovation in Mobility & Aerospace in Bavaria here.

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