Energy efficiency Nov 26, 2020

Hydrogen in Bavaria – the energy carrier of the future

The search for the energy of the future did not just begin yesterday: as part of the energy revolution, renewable energies have already been promoted and expanded for several years. Other alternative energy sources are actively on the rise, especially in Bavaria. Hydrogen technology is a great source of hope. Bavaria is relying heavily on this energy generation – and will continue to do so emphatically in order to be a pioneer in the long term.

The new hydrogen strategy for Bavaria lays the crucial foundation for this goal. “The future starts today and not in the distant future,” warns the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger. You can find out here how exactly and what opportunities hydrogen technology brings with it.

Leaps and bounds ahead: The Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance

Part of the hydrogen strategy is the newly founded Zentrum Wasserstoff Bayern (H2.B), which is located on the Energy Campus in Nuremberg. The future of energy production is being driven forward on the former AEG site in Franconia. At the same time, a total of 35 stakeholders from research, industry and local authorities in Nuremberg have joined together to form the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance in order to further develop hydrogen technology in Bavaria in an interdisciplinary manner. Bavaria is to become the world market leader in this field – a huge goal which the agenda has already been set for though.

What is the Bavarian hydrogen strategy?

Bavaria wants to very specifically promote hydrogen technology. It has already proven this in the past: around 65 million euros have already been invested. Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger emphasizes that the latest hydrogen technologies can not only protect the environment. A large number of new jobs are to be created in Bavaria by implementing this strategy. From the automotive industry to start-ups – hydrogen is maintaining and creating jobs in Bavaria. The hydrogen strategy includes very specific measures:

  1. Innovation and technological leadership
    The “H2 Hightech Bayern” research initiative is intended to strengthen the expertise that exists throughout Bavaria by pooling it to tap into and expand the global market potential.
  2. Industrial scaling and economy
    Bavarian companies and research institutions are to drive forward industrial development. Development, testing and user facilities are to help in this – especially by involving the supplier industry, which is strongly represented in Bavaria.
  3. Expansion of H2 infrastructure and applications in transport and industry
    50 million euros will be provided for the construction of public and commercial H2 filling stations for fuel cell buses and HGVs/commercial vehicles.

The Technical University of Munic (TUM) and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) are also involved in the research offensive and supporting “H2 Hightech Bayern”.

Strengthening public transport and delivery services

Delivery traffic in Bavaria is to benefit first and foremost – public buses and trucks powered by fuel cells are the focus of the hydrogen strategy. Suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and service stations must work together to achieve the state government’s goals. This is an opportunity for the automotive industry, because the knowledge gained from this can also be used in a second step for fuel cell cars.  The first success is already within grasp: the first truck with fuel cell drive is to be on the roads in 2021 – the company Quantron from Gersthofen is making this possible.

Aim of international cooperation

Green hydrogen from abroad is to cover the Bavarian demand, according to the goal. It is not possible to produce as much hydrogen in Bavaria itself as the expected demand suggests. However, thanks to its industrial strength and the large number of research institutions, Bavaria offers the best prerequisites for the development of systemic solutions for hydrogen applications – from production, storage and logistics to application, for example in the mobility sector and in industry. The hydrogen strategy also provides for the energy carrier to be obtained in a sustainable manner. Green “Made in Bavaria” hydrogen technology is to become an H2 seal of approval.

Hydrogen roadmap to 2025

The hydrogen strategy is to be just the starting point for Bavaria on its way to becoming a leader in the field of sustainable energy production. On the basis of the research carried out to date, a roadmap for the implementation and execution of further action will be drawn up in the coming years. By 2025, hydrogen is to be an important part of the Bavarian energy and mobility supply. Minister of State Aiwanger emphasises that hydrogen can only be one building block towards a sustainable energy economy.

The federal government is following suit: the national hydrogen strategy

The federal government has also recognised the potential of hydrogen technology – in addition to the Bavarian strategy, the national hydrogen strategy is intended to make H2 possible as the clean energy carrier of the future throughout Germany. Local success is to become national success with the technologies and expertise being made available to all the federal states and expanded in a targeted manner. Germany and Bavaria are already leaders in key technologies in the energy sector: Germany (including Siemens) accounts for 19% of electrolyzer exports worldwide. With a world market share of 16%, Germany is also a leader in plant construction. This makes Germany currently the largest exporter of electrolysis plants worldwide.

Leaps and bounds ahead

Bavaria has shown what is now becoming tangible throughout Germany: hydrogen is an important element in the development of sustainable energy and mobility concepts. The combination with renewable energies and other pioneering technologies is the key to success.

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