Study Nov 13, 2014

GTAI study: Germany attractive for foreign investment – Bavaria, a favoured location

A recent study conducted by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) has discovered that the Federal Republic of Germany is a highly attractive location for foreign investors. For 23 key economic nations, the “FDI-Geberländer im Vergleich” (FDI donor countries compared) study examines their focus on internationalisation, which sectors are at the heart of this and where particular potential for investment is perceived in Germany.

Although the findings for the various economies from across the world of course differ widely, one thing they all have in common is a particular appreciation of the quality of Germany as a location. Outstandingly educated specialist staff, the large number of leading research institutions and the well-established infrastructure make Germany attractive to foreign investors. Over three million jobs have already been created here through foreign investment – a real gain for the German labour market.From a Bavarian point of view, it is particularly pleasing that the vast majority of the countries examined highlighted Bavaria as their preferred location within Germany. This comes as no surprise, as various regional studies have repeatedly emphasised Bavaria's strengths as a key advantage of the location.You can find out more about the GTAI study and the individual countries examined here.