Award Jun 02, 2021

"Global Rankings of Academic Subjects": Technical University of Munich among the Top 50 worldwide

According to the “Shanghai Rankings” “Global Rankings of Academic Subjects”, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is among the best 50 universities worldwide in nine subjects – five times in the Top 25. TUM was already rated as the best university in Europe in the recently published QS World University Ranking. The renewed top rankings emphasise the international significance of the elite university.

The ranking, which was developed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, not only takes into account the number and citation rates of publications in scientific journals – especially in important publications in the respective subjects – but also the degree of international collaboration in this research work and the number of important awards for researchers. The indicators are weighted differently depending on the subject culture.

In the “Global Rankings of Academic Subjects”  current study, TUM ranks among the 50 best universities worldwide in the following subjects:

  • Remote Sensing: 5th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Environmental and Engineering Sciences: 15th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Aerospace: 17th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Electrical Engineering: 19th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Medical Technology: 21st place (in Germany: 2nd)
  • Food Science and Technology: 37th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Agricultural Sciences: 38th place (in Germany: 2nd)
  • Biotechnology: 49th place (in Germany: 1st)
  • Human Biology: 50th place (in Germany: 6th)

As a result, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) can maintain its leading position in Germany, Europe and worldwide in a number of different subject areas. The QS World University Ranking, which ranked the university in the Top 50 in ten subjects and rated it the best university in Europe, came to similar conclusions.