Research & development Apr 13, 2015

Germany is European patent champion – one-third of German patents originate in Bavaria

Bavaria was once again confirmed as an innovative business location: nearly one third of all new patent applications in Germany originated in Bavaria. Thus, the state will continue to be Germany’s economic engine in the future.

Audio tape, tea bags and tissue – these are just a few of the inventions that set off from Germany on their way to global triumph. Germany remains the home to many inventors and developers, as documented by the latest annual report issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). Compared to the previous year, the agency once again registered a solid upwards trend of 4.4 per cent in the number of patent applications in 2014. This record value underscores the trend of the past years and it is clear that German companies remain competitive in a globalised world.


The majority of German inventions last year originated in Bavaria: The State of Bavaria contributed 15,533 new patents, which equals nearly one third of all German patent applications. Of this number, the two metropolitan regions of Munich and Nuremberg recorded the highest innovation density. Local companies possessing the greatest ingenuity are among the top global players: Schaeffler and Siemens, Osram as well as carmakers BMW and Audi – they are all diligent patent applicants from southern Germany. However, medium-sized enterprises – the backbone of the German economy – also continue to be competitive internationally thanks to innovations and further developments. Years of consistent investments in research and development are now paying off.


Regionally and internationally – Bavaria's advantages are obvious.

Germany holds the number one ranking compared to other European countries. This is confirmed by the current annual figures released by the European Patent Office, in which Germany and its inventions rank third, ahead of China, and behind the USA and Japan. And there is no doubt that the high percentage of Bavarian inventions plays a crucial role in this ranking. Sure enough, Bavaria is always one step ahead, not only when it comes to inventions: intact economy, outstanding infrastructure, high university density, a wide variety of training options as well as an excellent quality of life – all of these aspects make Bavaria a location with excellent growth opportunities, not only for its inhabitants, but also for foreign investors.

The results confirm that the consistent success of the Bavarian economy is more than anything else closely tied to long-standing commitment: research and development have played a crucial role in securing the state’s future viability for many years. This powerful economic strength makes choosing a location in Bavaria an interesting option for companies from around the world. Innovative companies who would like to base their companies in Bavaria can count on support from Invest in Bavaria – so that Bavaria remains the leading “land of inventors” in the future.

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