Ranking Jun 29, 2015

FOCUS regional ranking 2015: Bavarian cities and rural districts come out on top!

Their economic strength puts Bavarian cities and rural districts in an outstanding position in comparison with other German regions. The rural district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm came out on top by a country mile in the latest regional ranking, produced by business magazine FOCUS.

The magazine compared all 402 German cities and rural districts in the categories “Growth and jobs”, “New companies”, “Productivity and location costs”, as well as “Income and attractiveness”. There were 20 Bavarian regions alone, among the top 30. Alongside the overall winner, the rural district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, the rural districts of Munich (4th place), Neu-Ulm (6th place), Unterallgäu (7th place), Dingolfing-Landau (8th place) and Günzburg (10th place) all performed well overall.
The rural district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria even succeeded in impressing the judges in all four categories in equal measure – outstanding proof of the economic strength of rural areas! The top-ranking Bavarian regions bear impressive witness to the fact that economic development can also thrive outside densely-populated urban areas.
Bavarian regions also achieved excellent results in the individual categories. The town of Fürth won the “New companies” category, with its dynamic start-up scene leaving even the national capital of Berlin in its wake. The rural district of Munich came top in not one but two categories, being judged best in Germany in both “Productivity and location costs”, and “Income and attractiveness”. It comes as no surprise that the state capital of Munich was among the leaders (2nd place) for “Income and attractiveness” – the city has enormous charisma as a business location and in terms of quality of life.
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