Five minutes with... Jürgen Friedrich, Deputy Managing Director of IME-DC GmbH

This month, we look forward to our conversation with Mr. Jürgen Friedrich, Deputy Managing Director of IME-DC GmbH. IME-DC is a Bavarian company that sells self-produced blood glucose measuring devices and other diabetes accessories around the world. The e-health solution “move...” was awarded the distinction “Best of 2016” at the IT Innovation Prize in April.

Congratulations on the successful participation in the IT Innovation Prize of the SME Initiative (Initiative Mittelstand). “move…” was awarded the distinction “Best of 2016”. This is a technology that uses Near Field Communication to transfer measuring data to a smartphone. How does your company keep developing constantly new and innovative products and move with the times?


The proximity to our customers or patients tells us very much about their needs, worries, fears and wishes. For many years, this has been our motivation to continue to develop new products and innovative solutions for the daily diabetes therapy. With the e-health solution “move...”, we have made it possible to simply and safely transmit blood glucose levels worldwide, thereby creating an added value for those affected and their followers.

The company is based in Hof. What advantages does this city in Upper Franconia provide for production and administration?

The city of Hof is, since the opening of the borders, located right in the heart of Europe. The excellent infrastructure is a major location advantage for us. The close proximity to universities of applied sciences and universities makes it easier for us to find qualified specialist staff. Other factors in selecting Hof as a location include a region that is attractive to live in and short distances to work for the employees.   

ME-DC has been in Germany since 2004. How has the company developed since then and what types of support did you receive during your expansion?

IME-DC has established itself as an internationally active company with numerous foreign branches over the past 12 years. Three years ago we had to relocate from the district of Hof to the city of Hof. During that time, the team from the business promotional office provided optimum support. We also received vital funding for expansions from the government of Upper Franconia. Our continuing growth is also supported by various finance partners.

Which future growth perspectives does your company have? Do you plan on expanding in Bavaria or internationally?


We do our own research, development and production. Our innovative solutions allow us to see the future perspectives for the growth market of diabetes-related products as being very positive. 

We will expand in all directions from Hof and we will further strengthen our site here. We will also focus on targeted international expansion of our consortium. 

Turkey, for example, is an important buyer country for IME-DC. Are there any differences between the Turkish and German way of working and, if so, what are they?

Of course there are differences in how they work and how we work, but these have no influence on the bottom line. Every country has its special requirements which we must meet in order to enjoy sustainable success. We have repeatedly taken advantage of these country-specific circumstances during our strategic corporate planning under the motto “think globally!”

Do you have a favourite spot in Hof or its surroundings that you like to visit?

The picturesque Untreusee or the Theresienstein in Hof, one of the most beautiful parks in Germany, are certainly among my favourites. In just a few minutes, you are surrounded by nature and can enjoy a hearty Franconian snack for lunch, along with a local beer. 



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