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CleanTech in Bavaria: a sustainable future with green technology

Climate change, the constantly increasing energy demand and our high consumption of resources: all this is increasingly becoming a challenge. CleanTech, or “clean technology”, is intended to help make our economy and society more sustainable and thus more viable for the future. CleanTech has also gained a foothold in Bavaria and is growing steadily thanks to numerous initiatives, collaborations and promising start-ups. In the following we will take a look at clean technologies from Bavaria and what incentives the state is offering to ensure that CleanTech becomes established in the coming years.

CleanTech comprises all technologies that protect the environment and have the least possible impact on it. The focus is on efficiency without compromising productivity and performance. The aim is to use natural resources sparingly while reducing internal and external costs. CleanTech has been gaining ground for a few years in Bavaria. The TechDays in Munich, for example, were formed in the keynotes around the topics of CleanTech, renewable energies and the latest innovations from Bavaria and the world. 

Automotive at the heart of the Bavarian CleanTech 

Due to the strong automotive industry in Bavaria, the CleanTech focus in Bavaria is also on the automotive and mobility sectors. The Bavarian State Government’s “High-Tech Agenda Bavaria” therefore explicitly focuses on CleanTech.


  • The “Synthetic Fuels” research centre in Straubing will become a national reference centre with four new chairs. A synthetic fuel for air traffic is to be developed there as a substitute for kerosene. 
  • A Bavarian battery network consisting of BayBatt in Bayreuth, the Technical University of Munich and Fraunhofer in Augsburg and Würzburg is developing a new generation of climate-friendly and more powerful batteries for electromobility.
  • Together with Baden-Württemberg and the federal government, Bavaria is supporting the expansion of battery cell production at VARTA. In Nördlingen (Donau-Ries district), the company is building a modern lithium-ion battery factory, creating 500 jobs.
  • The Zentrum Wasserstoff.Bayern (H2B) in Nuremberg bundles the competencies for hydrogen technologies in Bavaria and brings together companies, start-ups and research. 


In addition to this, the Bavarian Research Foundation supports CleanTech projects at the University of Bayreuth. The aim of the measures is to make Bavaria a leading region for innovative climate protection.

Successful CleanTech start-ups from Bavaria  

The sector of sustainable and environmentally friendly technical solutions is a springboard, especially for young companies and start-ups from Bavaria: 

Circular Carbon

The company based in Würzburg and Great Britain is a leader in the field of biologically produced coal. This can be used to sustainably improve the fertility of arable land and therefore boost food production productivity. But coal is also an important part of the recycling process when it comes to processing raw materials. 

Lignoa Leichtbau GmbH

The start-up from near Nuremberg produces innovative lightweight wooden components that can be used in many different objects: from wheelchairs to protective covers for tablets etc. 

Landpack GmbH 

Landpack GmbH offers sustainable alternatives to insulating polystyrene packaging that keeps our food, medicines and much more at the right temperature. The company from near Munich recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. 

CMBlu Energy AG 

Storing energy efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way is the goal the company from Alzenau has set itself. The energy pioneers use nature as a model and build so-called organic flow storage systems. 

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The start-up company from Wessling has in the meantime made an international name for itself in the mobility sector with its zero emissions air taxi. The company is currently working on the series production of its prototype. 

SINN Power GmbH 

From the Bavarian town of Gauting to the oceans of the world with clean technologies: the start-up, founded in 2014, develops CleanTech applications that generate electricity from water waves. Green energy – not just for coastal residents. 

Hawa Dawa 

The start-up based in Gilching specialises in data collection and processing. The goal: to make our ambient air cleaner. The company’s services are used in the areas of transport and mobility, urban planning, smart health and financial planning. 

State Agency for Energy and Climate Protection

At the beginning of August, the newly created Bavarian State Agency for Energy and Climate Protection (LENK) started work at the TechBase innovation centre in Regensburg. This is intended to further promote the energy revolution in Bavaria. The goals include a CO2 offsetting platform for unavoidable greenhouse gases and the bundling of existing energy and environmental facilities. LENK serves as a contact for companies or authorities that want to become CO2-neutral, among other things. 

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