Investor`s choice Dec 02, 2014

Business Meeting of Managing Directors of Russian Companies and Branches in Bavaria

“Networking is everything” – was the motto for a meeting of Managing Directors of Russian companies and branches in Bavaria organized by Invest in Bavaria in cooperation with the Bavarian capital of Munich, Bayern Innovativ and Bayern International, which took place on 26th November.

Surrounded by the pleasant atmosphere of the new city hall in Munich, participants had the opportunity to meet and talk as well as establish new contacts. It is very important, particularly in light of the difficult political climate, to maintain the lines of communication with Russian companies who are active and successful in Bavaria.

Following a welcome greeting by Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Head of Invest in Bavaria, Ms. Rita Roider, Head of Location Marketing for the Bavarian capital of Munich, spoke to the participants. This was followed by reports from daily practice: Mr. Kirill Sermyagin, Managing Director of Excursi GmbH and Mr. Boris Zubov, Managing Director of Newmen GmbH, shared their personal experiences in relocating to Bavaria with the audience.

Tapping a keg had to be included in the festivities and marked the beginning of the relaxed part of the evening. Delicacies including oxen ragout, Swabian noodles and Bavarian cream made it easy for participants to meet and chat – the languages for the evening included German, Russian and English.

At present, some 350 Russian companies operate in Bavaria. Russia is among the top 5 of all countries that have established business operations in Bavaria. The number of investment inquiries from Russia to Invest in Bavaria have steadily increased over the past years.

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