Funding opportunities Sep 19, 2013

Bavaria's new awakening

When it comes to the German start-up scene, most people immediately think of Berlin. But if you can see beyond the general hype and take a look at the facts, it is the Bavarian capital that has long emerged from the shadow of the city on the Spree.

A series of successful start-ups is proof of this. In recent years, Munich has seen the foundation of companies such as the Scout24 Group, the affiliate service provider affilinet, the biotechnology experts Corimmum, the event management platform Amiando, the job board Experteer – and many more. According to the sector association BITKOM (Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media), Bavaria is the top area state and Munich is the top German metropolitan region when it comes to the number of company start-ups in the information, communications and digital sector. In fact, Munich is ahead of Berlin by a long way in terms of IT start-ups.

There is a real sense of new awakening in the city on the Isar. Werk 1, the new "hotspot of the digital start-up scene" on the site of Munich's Kultfabrik entertainment centre, is providing plenty of stimulation. It is an open community that offers young companies everything they need to grow and be successful – from consultancy to rental property to opportunities for cooperation and networking. Add to this all the factors that already make Bavaria stand out as an attractive location for high-tech companies and growth sectors: state-of-the-art infrastructure, a lively research environment, a strong economy and, of course, plenty of entrepreneurial spirit. There is a good reason why TU München also calls itself "The Entrepreneurial University". The state government is putting together attractive funding programmes and, as a pioneer of the digital revolution, Bavaria is creating an environment that makes it very easy for new companies in particular to break fresh ground – not only in research and development, but also in production and even marketing.

Many established companies have now also initiated their own funding programmes. The latest success story is the online music school Get2Play, which recently got off the ground with support from Accelerator, an initiative from Pro Sieben Sat 1. The Wayra Academy of the telecommunications group Telefónica, which has a branch in Munich, and Deutsche Telekom's Hub:raum accelerator also offer similar platforms. Strong stimuli that create hope that many other companies will also follow in their footsteps.

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