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Bavarian way of life Feb 06, 2023

Bavarian Bucket List: 12 Places to go in 2023

Bavaria has a lot to offer! But we’re not just talking about the world of entrepreneurs and business. We want to show you inspiring places and events on our bucket list that you shouldn't miss in 2023. Whether you are an adventurer, hiker, historian, party goer or entrepreneurial spirit – Bavaria is full of exciting experiences.

SPRING: let's start the year with scenic walks and excursions

  • 1. The most beautiful mountain lake in Bavaria - Schrecksee minus
  • SUMMER: ideal for outdoor attractions and a little partying

  • 4. Dance the night away at the Samba Festival in Coburg minus
  • AUTUMN: fall is for trade fairs – and maybe a little pub crawl

  • 7. The Future of Mobility: The IAA in Munich from October 5 to 9, 2023 minus
  • WINTER: end the year in the mountains and take refuge from rainy days in a museum

  • 10. The Bavarian classic – Neuschwanstein Castle minus
  • These are some Bavarian leisure highlights that you shouldn't miss in 2023. But what is working life like in Bavaria? Check out our blog post to find out how cutting-edge careers and quality of life go hand in hand.