Bavaria is among the leaders for digitalisation in schools

For the third time, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation presents their “Digital schools - the state indicator” study. Here, Bavaria was in the top group throughout Germany with regard to digitalisation in schools. In the questions in the individual categories, the free state was represented in the top group of states at least nine times.

Not least, the free state thanks its “BAYERN DIGITAL” initiative, the second master plan of which, with concepts such as “digital education in schools, universities and culture”, will drive further digitalisation in Bavarian schools from 2018 with additional investment, for its position in the three top spots with regard to digitalisation.


The free state’s results in the five areas of the survey

In order to be able to evaluate and rate learning with digital media in schools comprehensively, teaching staff from all German states were asked about five defined key areas of their everyday teaching and learning. The results of the survey catapulted Bavaria into one of the three top spots:


Facilities and concepts: With an average of 66 percent, teaching staff in Bavarian schools rated the IT facilities in their schools positively.

Use of digital media: In the regular use of digital media, Bavaria took the top spot with 64 percent agreement. Bremen had the worst result at just one third.

Pupils’ computer skills: When it comes to the question of whether or not most pupils have already picked up basic computer skills, Bavaria is once again a frontrunner in the middle of the pack, as it has been in previous years.

Teachers’ skills: Bavaria numbers among the state in which teaching staff rate their skills in the use of digital media in teaching particularly positively.

Digital media in STEM subjects: In the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, digital media tend to be used 57 percent (in comparison with 47 percent in Germany as a whole) more than in other subjects.