Research & development Nov 15, 2012

Automobile industry – great potential for Bavarian and Turki

On 13 November 2012, Invest in Bavaria – in collaboration with the Bavarian Sensor Technology Cluster and TAYSAD, the Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers – invited guests to Kocaeli, a province to the south of Istanbul, for an Information & Networking Evening on Bavaria as a top location for the automobile industry.

At this function, Invest in Bavaria presented the State of Bavaria to its 50 guests as one of the leading locations for manufacturers (BMW, Audi, MAN) and component suppliers. 

“Bavaria with its strong and innovative economy and Turkey with its exceptionally dynamic business development are united by great potential in the light of the strong automotive competences on both sides”, commented Dr. Patricia Callies, Deputy Head of the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria. “Turkish companies wishing to set up a branch office in Bavaria can count on Invest in Bavaria for customised support.”

Opportunities for cooperation in international research & development projects were discussed by Dr. Steigerwald, Managing Director of the Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technology / Sensor Technology Cluster. The significance of sensor technology in the automotive sector was now reaching new dimensions in particular as a provider of innovations: “Integrated holistic systems are taking over more and more from single components in the component supplier business. The resulting potential for marketing sensor technology and cooperation in technical development raises the added value, increases the depth of the value chain and opens up a new field for Bavarian and Turkish companies sharing an interest in expanding together.” 

In their presentations, the lawyers Dr. Nal and Mr. Altuntas from the Munich law office SANAS gave an overview of the legal aspects involved in starting up a company in Germany and of the German law governing aliens for investors. Mr. Ismail Cem Alican, Turkish entrepreneur and Vice-President of SINASI Otomotive A.S., reported on his long-standing and successful business relations and personal impressions of Bavaria as a top location for business.  

The automobile industry along with the very strong automotive component supplier industry are a central pillar of the Turkish economy dominating the picture of Turkish imports and exports with Bavaria. 2011 saw new records in production (up by 9% to 1.2 million vehicles) and sales, which increased by 14.8% to 910,000 vehicles. Potential is also high for the domestic market: roughly 75% of Turkish households still do not have a car of their own.