Settlement Oct 21, 2021

Australian space tech company opens its first international office in Bavaria

Australian start-up Hypersonix Launch Systems announces its first international office in Munich. Using reusable scramjet propulsion and hypersonic launch systems, Hypersonix aims to put satellites into orbit in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

The tech company is one of the latest pioneers from the aerospace sector – satellites can be placed in near-Earth orbits without emissions using its technology. The Hypersonix launch systems use green hydrogen as fuel and are reusable up to a hundred times. The low-cost launch systems make use from near-Earth space possible for the first time ever for many applications in agriculture, geology, weather monitoring, disaster control and many new forms of communication.

With its expansion, the new Hypersonix Deutschland GmbH becomes part of the growing New Space innovation ecosystem in Bavaria. The company plans to work with leading space companies from Germany and Europe to develop and manufacture novel components, from heat-resistant materials to launch systems and hydrogen technologies, for the Hypersonix system.

“Hypersonix Launch Systems develops reusable satellite launch systems that are also powered by green hydrogen and are therefore exceptionally ecological and sustainable. This requires, for example, materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees and speeds of up to 15,000 km/h, i.e. Mach 12, and can be reused afterwards. We encounter companies that can produce such materials in Germany, and especially in Bavaria, with its strongly networked industrial and research landscape. Hypersonix has decided to locate in Bavaria for this reason, and because of the strong structures in the aerospace sector as well as the support for young, innovative company start-ups.”

Ottmar Schipper, Country Manager of Hypersonix GmbH Germany

We are very pleased that Invest in Bavaria was able to support Hypersonix in linking up with relevant networks and that the Australian community is now enriched by another exciting settlement in Bavaria. We wish Hypersonix all the best for its start in Bavaria and will continue to support the expansion of the location.

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