Event Feb 05, 2015

Australia – So far away and yet closer than you think

Bringing together key partners even across great distances takes convincing arguments – something Bavaria has plenty of.

Whether they are impressed by the state's strength in R&D or its high-tech locations, Bavaria offers lots of benefits for innovative Australian companies and useful support as they expand internationally.

The OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2013 ranks Australia among the world's leading countries when it comes to innovation. It provides an innovative environment for innovative companies thanks to strong protection of intellectual property, a high-quality IT infrastructure, a high level of R&D investment and generous R&D funding. Despite this, the domestic market is relatively small, so interested companies have to expand in order to remain successful. This is where Bavaria comes in – as a compatible location for Australia's strengths.

The first step in this direction came in the form of a festive evening– with a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful food – held on 30th January in cooperation with the German Australian Business Council (GABC) to celebrate Australia Day. It was an opportunity to make useful contacts in the existing community and allow the participants to network with one another.

In future, Invest in Bavaria will be working with the GABC even more intensively in order to guarantee the greatest possible benefits for both sides, to support the existing Australian community and to expand it by attracting more new companies to the state.

Invest in Bavaria is looking forward to the cooperation between Australia and Bavaria and would like to thank all participants for coming to its first Australia-focused event in such great numbers.

Are you an Australian company thinking about expansion? Contact me!

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