Arberland: Nature, technology, Bolshoi Theatre!

Situated in the Bayerwald forest, the Arberland combines an extremely high quality of life with the most innovative entrepreneurial ventures for communities. This combination gives rise to smart ideas, which have even refined the Bolshoi Theatre.

Standortbroschüre Arberland
Standortbroschüre Arberland

The new location brochure presents all the advantages at a glance. District Administrator Michael Adam hopes “...not only to arouse curiosity about the district; we want to show you how attractive the region is for business and what a great place it is to live.”  

Who could be a better advertisement for this than one of Arberland's most famous sons? Today, he is one of Germany's most influential corporate leaders, at home on the international scene. Of course we are talking about Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens, who has always kept his feet on the ground and has never lost contact with his roots; the Arberland. “Our Bayerwald forest is paradise. I especially like walking on Riedelstein, the nearby mountain.”

As a business location, Arberland is shaped by the long tradition of the glass processing industry. Even today, companies in the sector still develop and produce their products with the greatest craftsmanship and technology in Arberland. All eyes are on international space science at Teisnach technology campus, where the world's most modern and accurate production plant for telescopes is in operation.

But what does Aberland have to do with the Bolshoi Theatre? The answer comes from the company digitech GmbH & Co.KG from Patersdorf. They develop the latest solutions in media technology equipment for buildings, such as for the Bolshoi Theatre and the European Patent Office. This is made possible not least by the good connections between companies and to the six technology campuses at Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences in the region. 

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