Technology park and business incubators Jun 15, 2015

Always up-to-date with #bytevaria talk: Our new video format tells you everything you need to know about setting up your company in Bavaria.

It is time to get personal at Invest in Bavaria. In the new #bytevaria talk video format, contact partners from Bavarian businesses are on hand two to four times a year to provide advice and answer questions about setting up in Bavaria. Where is the state ahead of the competition? How can you benefit from basing your company in Bavaria? And above all, how can investors make use of the opportunities the state offers?

These questions are at the heart of the new video format, which Invest in Bavaria will be presenting regularly on its YouTube channel from now on, under the name #bytevaria talk. Talking to our Head, Dr Wolfgang Hübschle, experts, influencers and decision-makers from Bavarian businesses will explain the advantages of setting up in Bavaria from their point of view – directly and in person. Wolfgang Hübschle will welcome his guests up to four times a year in the friendly Alpine chalet atmosphere of our office to consider the topic of setting up in Bavaria from a range of viewpoints. The chats will also present projects and innovations, showcase initiatives, highlight the potential of individual sectors in Bavaria and show how investors can benefit from Bavaria's digitalisation offensive.

A discussion of Bavaria's technology centres and business incubators will kick off the series. Dr Franz Glatz has taken up the invitation to be the guest in the first edition of #bytevaria talk. Glatz is the Managing Director of the Munich-based incubators Werk 1 and Gate Garching and knows all about the Bavarian start-up scene. 

Incubators – Sharing experience and exploiting opportunities

Talking to Wolfgang Hübschle, Franz Glatz explains the functions of the incubators and the opportunities they offer for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The key advantage of business incubators is the option of sharing, as many newly-founded companies can benefit from the experience, challenges and solutions approaches of others. That is why it is so important to find a location that provides the best possible conditions for mutual exchange – a community. The Werk1 incubators close to Munich's Ostbahnhof train station and Gate Garching in direct proximity to TU München's research centre are outstanding examples.

In addition, Glatz talks about the advantages of Munich as a location compared to international start-up capitals like San Francisco and explains why companies like to stay in Bavaria even after their successful start-up phase. In the interview, he also addresses his own role as the Managing Director of an incubator, describing it as somewhere between a midwife for young companies and a youth hostel warden who is always on hand to listen to his guests.

These exciting insights into the world of technology centres and business incubators in Bavaria kicks off Invest in Bavaria's new video format. You can find the entire first episode of #bytevaria talk and further material here. Take a look!

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