Upper Palatinate Apr 22, 2014

All roads lead to Rome – all tracks lead to Weiden

The City of Weiden has a long economic tradition in the railway industry. Today, the expertise in railway engineering is a unique characteristic of the Upper Palatinate regional centre and offers diverse starting points for investors.

Did you know that the first railway line in Germany was in Bavaria between Nuremberg and Fürth? This underscores the fact that railway engineering has traditionally been a very important sector in Bavaria. Some of the largest and most significant German suppliers for rail transportation are today based in the Free State.
Traditionally, railway engineering has also been an old business segment in the City of Weiden, and is becoming increasingly important once again. Industry and trade have changed significantly in Weiden during the last two decades. The predominant monostructure of the glass and porcelain industry decreased. Companies from the plastics processing, vehicle construction and in particular from the railway engineering sectors have become ever more significant.

One example for the sector's revival is that the grounds of the PFA railway company, which lay idle for about two years, was sold in 2010. The premises was sold to an investor from the railway industry. Since then the site has been home to the Oberpfälzische Waggon-Service GmbH (OWS). The company operates a workshop for repair and maintenance of railway construction machinery, traction vehicles, locomotives and goods and passenger wagons. In addition, OWS develops small-series vehicles as well as special equipment and special machinery for track construction.

The City of Weiden is also attractive for new arrivals from the industrial segment of railway engineering. One example is GEBACON GmbH, a specialist for railed vehicle spare parts. The company is constructing its new headquarters in Weiden and will move into the new buildings in September 2014. One reason why the company chose this location is, besides the good infrastructure, the economic tradition of Weiden in the railway industry.

The railway city of Weiden is coming to life again. Established companies are growing and interesting starting points for new arrivals are the result. The City of Weiden distinguishes itself with its focus on railway engineering and offers perfect location conditions for interested companies from the transport sector. For more information please contact the business promotion services of Weiden.