Expansion Jul 03, 2014

A warm "ongi etorri" to Bavaria

Basque Country opens representative office for Germany in Munich

The staff at Invest in Bavaria care a great deal about the success of every project they manage, so they are even more delighted when a project reaches a successful conclusion and another company sets up shop in Bavaria. Even so, the opening of the first German representative office of SPRI, the business promotion company of the Basque government, is a very special event: not only German, English and Spanish are spoken, but also plenty of Basque and Bavarian.

Basque is a language that is spoken by fewer than a million people worldwide, while Bavarian was classified as endangered and has therefore been regarded particularly worthy of protection by UNESCO since 2009. That alone is a connection between the two languages, but it is not the only parallel by a long way.

Just like Bavaria, the Basque Country is one of the wealthiest regions in its countries. Both make an above-average contribution to the respective gross domestic product. Bavaria is in a particularly strong position in fields with promising futures such as the automotive industry and e-mobility, mechanical engineering and production – just like the Basque Country. In addition, the autonomous region of the Basque Country already has a dual apprenticeship system that is – deliberately – very similar to the German model.

Playing a similar role to Invest in Bavaria for Bavaria, the state agency SPRI supports Basque companies in their investment projects abroad. The now officially opened office in Munich is intended as a springboard for this: a springboard from the Basque Country to Bavaria, but also a springboard from Bavaria to the Basque Country. After all, Bavarian companies who want to expand or are interested in internationalisation can also gain valuable information on potential partners and sales markets in the Basque Country here.

Invest in Bavaria wishes the representative office in Munich every success in its role and will be happy to support Basque companies with any questions they may have about setting up in Bavaria in the future.

María Sarricolea
Maximilianstrasse 13
Office 3.26/3.28
80539 München
+49 89 20 3006-122

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