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5 minutes with … Mr Rafal Warmbier, CEO of Hycom.Digital GmbH & Chief Business Development Officer at Hycom S.A

The Lufthansa airline is expanding what it offers with a direct flight from Lodz to Munich. On board the first flight on 28 March is Rafal Warmbier, Chief Business Development Officer at Hycom S.A and also CEO of Hycom.Digital GmbH now. He is on the way from the company’s head office in Lodz, Poland to the Bavarian regional capital. The e-commerce provider, which has another office in Poland in Warsaw and Torun, set up its first branch abroad in Munich at the beginning of this year. All the activities in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) are to be managed from here. The step towards Germany was just a logical consequence of the company’s growth: it was founded in 2015 with 150 employees at the start, now this number doubled and the 300 Hycom’s employees work in 3 cities in Poland and one in Germany.

Mr Warmbier, did you like the first direct Lufthansa flight from Lodz to Munich? What does this flight connection mean to you?

This new Lufthansa connection perfectly fits our needs in everyday cooperation with our clients. Hycom’s headquarters is in Lodz. The company operates internationally and one of its biggest clients is Deutsche Telekom. Hycom also works for B/S/H, Robert Bosch and other international companies.

Because of our expansion in German market we decided to bring to life Hycom.digital GmbH. This is a company dedicated to DACH countries and Scandinavian markets. Having Munich just one hour flight away from Lodz with its one of greatest international airports we can easily reach majority of European cities within hours.

Can you briefly explain to us how you exactly help your customers? Which solutions do you offer?

We are a technological company with a team of experts delivering innovative digital solutions. Our expertise is focused around systems where the customer plays the central role, so we are specializing in e-commerce and e-care systems. Our experienced team consists not only of Developers and Tech. Architects but also of Consultants and User Experience Designers who can advise our clients starting from the early stage of Digital Transformation.  We not only develop technologically advanced digital systems, we also back-up our clients during the phase of strategic planning and ideation of a new digital product and assure system’s further maintenance and evolution.

The core idea of this process is converting ideas and goals into working digital products and services what covers the broad scope of processes within the Digital Transformation.
In consequence of our work the clients benefit from the increasing sales volumes and raising customer value.

You have already completed your first customer projects in Germany. How would you describe your company’s path to Germany and its experiences so far?

The German market is large and mature. The most significant companies have the appropriate technologies because they invested in corporate SAP or Oracle licenses years ago. On the other hand, a conservative approach made many of the systems built a few years ago significantly diverge from the latest architectural standards of today's solutions and the latest trends brought by the digital world. This process is natural. What they need now is a proper transformation that allows to sustainably maintain the good business practices and simultaneously bring them to a higher technological level. Our company provides the latest technological solutions and consulting services in an agile way, in line with SCRUM and Agile methodologies that significantly increase the chances of project’s success and significant gradual changes. Our experience and references from the largest companies assure the credibility of our competences. Our scope of operation covers the innovation and design, development of applications and platforms as well as their maintenance and continuous development. This means every company may entrust to us the whole process of Digital Transformation.

It was the references from T-Mobile Poland and our approach to SCRUM project management that convinced Deutche Telekom we were a reliable partner. Hycom’s first steps in the German market were successful customer projects for Deutsche Telekom and BSH.

What were the crucial arguments for you for choosing Munich as your location?

Munich is a city with the three most important advantages for Hycom.digital: location, connections - thanks to the airport and a flexible approach to international business. This last advantage starts from the simplest things like the possibility to use English in business affairs and ends with the support that investors receive from Invest in Bavaria. In addition, the city itself and the region, as well as the companies present here with their headquarters and well-educated people make Munich a perfect place for the expansion of a business.

Mr Warmbier, with your surname there is just one more question on the tip of my tongue: do your prefer wheat beer or lager?

In fact, my name is a great topic to start almost every conversation in Bavaria. My family are now in the process of developing a family tree and it turns out that some of my roots come from Germany. Personally, I like cold beer, not warm but I did not have the influence on the name created centuries ago. Apart from being cold, it’s important the beer was also Bavarian and I must admit I have an inclination for Weizenbier.

We’re happy to deliver and maintain high class digital solutions for our German clients. With the new office in Munich we’re now closer to you and operating more agily in all the fields of cooperation.



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