Industry 4.0 Dec 05, 2017

5 Minutes with… Mister Girish Jois, Managing Director of EniT Invilogic GmbH

In the tradition of the steam engine, the production line, electronics and IT, smart factories and the combination of production methods with state-of-the-art information and communication technology are now determining the economy. This development is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or short Industry 4.0, an area in which EniT Invilogic GmbH is active, as well. EniT GmbH was founded in Munich in 2006. In 2015, it teamed up with Hyderabad (India) based Invilogic Software Pvt. Ltd. and the joint venture EniT Invilogic GmbH was born. It combines the competences of both firms to develop Engineering & IT solutions based on Industry 4.0. Mister Girish Jois, CEO of EniT Invilogic GmbH, talks about their work and the first years in Bavaria.

How do you support companies using Industry 4.0 for their business?

Industry 4.0 requires companies to automate their processes. We provide an Artificial Intelligence based software solution for aerospace, automotive industries as well as the energy and heavy industry sector. Our software digitizes domain specific knowledge of the company and automates sales, design and manufacturing processes to achieve modularization and efficient horizontal integration of both processes and communication. Decisions are supported by Intelligent Engineering analytics. Ultimately, our goal is to enable cost reduction through Knowledge based Engineering system in an engineer-to-order environment.

EniT Invilogic GmbH is a joint venture of engineering and a software companies. Why is the cooperation of these two sectors essential for your work?

With mechanical products becoming more multidisciplinary and software dominated, it is essential to combine both engineering and software. In order to efficiently implement software solutions for the manufacturing industry, it needs a thorough understanding of engineering processes and domain knowledge. This makes a cooperation of engineering and software expertise compulsory.

The joint venture was founded two years ago. How do you look back at this time and what are your plans for the future?

The joint venture has been very successful: within two years of formation, we were able to win three big customers in Bavaria. The recent partnership with ‘MHP- A Porsche company' indicates the appetite of German companies for a good software solution with credibility in the local market. We expect our business to expand in future as all industries are looking for digital intelligent solutions such as ours.

You chose to open your business in Munich. Why was this city your favorable location?

Munich has a good pool of highly skilled employees, both coming from its own renowned universities - like the Ludwig-Maximilian University or the Technical University Munich - and abroad. Consequently, the city is very multinational and locals as well as companies show a high level of acceptance for foreigners and foreign businesses. On top, Bavaria provides a good infrastructure: two international airports make it easy to fly back to India or reach customers and partners in other regions.  The decisive factor, however, was the proximity to current and potential business partners as well as clients. And one must not forget that it's not all about working. A high quality of living and an excellent educational system for children in German and international schools were very important to us, too.

One last question: Where do you like to spend your free time in Bavaria?

I like the beautiful lakes, especially Tegernsee and Schliersee, and mountain regions in and around Bavaria. Surrounded by nature it is easy to find your inner peace.


Bavaria has a good base of successful companies that can get both customers and cooperation partners, and with which cluster associations help to connect. A multicultural work environment and a wide pool of skilled manpower make it a pleasant business location. In addition, the region offers a high quality of living and an excellent education system for children.



EniT Invilogic GmbH



engineering software


In Bavaria since

2006 in Munich



Hyderabad, India (Invilogic Software Pvt. Ltd.)


Department represented in Bavaria

German headquarter

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